Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter is back

It left you alone to die in the summers for 8 months, to die from the heat, and to suffocate in our own sweat. It disappeared as if it never wanted to return. It was not the only one who left us on the mercy of the heat; it took the rains with it. Though Rain tried to save us from the harshness of the heat, but it did not stay longer to make any impact on the screeching heat. But now it is back, and winters are back with bang.

Oh yeah, winters were not so dear four years back. I had just arrived from Bangalore to become the victim of harsh weather conditions of the North India. I used to shrink like a bed roll under two blankets to get a good sleep in the air tight room. It was hard to survive because I did not have to face those during my Bangalore stay.

It has been four years, and I have adjusted myself pretty well. Summers have been much more punishing, and this extended period of summers has become intolerable to us. Winters are much needed comfort to end the agony and misery of summers. Winters not only bring the comfort from punishing heat but also a reason to stay at comfort bed instead going out in cold.

We have been waiting for these winters for a long time in this season. Summers were extended to an extent where people had lost the hope of seeing cold. But winters returned with a bang. Within last 3-4 days temperature has gone to 5-6 degrees. Even it has not even allowed Sun to come out and lower the intensity of cold waves.

Such sudden change of weather has brought winters clothes out for everyone. Kids as well as elderly are shut into their homes. New winter specific items are available in market to eat. Different Gajjaks are available on various shops. It is really fun to watch people fully covered with bright colors.

Such a sudden change of temperature can be catastrophic to few people, who did not take enough precautions, but all in all it is a welcoming change in life for Northern people. Now I have more time to read and work on laptop. Nobody demands me to go out for shopping or for dining out in the evening. In this I can sit tightly and read or work on things that are more important to me.

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