Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rain: Every time brings my childhood back

Sometime you do not need bigger things to swing your mood. A small favour from your friend, a smile from a street kid, little bit of here and there can make your day.

One such thing is Rain. Delhi has been quite cool for quite some time. Clouds have covered sun for last entire week. Though weather forecasting department have been predicting heavy rain fall for quite a long time, but rain fall was not in picture. And yeah I have been unlucky too.

When I was in Rohtak, heavy rain fall was reported in Delhi. So I returned back to Delhi, and it just stopped pouring, and it started in Rohtak. My friend kept informing me about the heavy rain fall in Ahmedabad. I went there but I did not even see a drop of rain for 2 days.

Today things were different. I was in Noida, and it was raining heavily here. I got lift from my friend till the half way. I had a laptop to save, so I ran. As I was resisting the rain, so it grew heavier with every passing moment. I was fully wet in covering 200 Mts distance. I entered in my society and I saw children playing there. I could not play with them as I am old enough to play with kids in the rain and rainy water.

Quietly I entered to my apartment, and unloaded my stuff. But I was yet done. So I planned to get more wet in rain. I planned to have tea outside the society, which gave me plenty of time to soak more rainy water.

Now I was ready to face the drops, but it started slowing down. Though I enjoyed the dying rain, but I think that I could have done little more masti in my childhood.

But still I enjoyed first awesome rain(First only for me) of the season.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Missed: Train or Ring

I was sitting in the drawing room, and I was talking to her friends and family. Suddenly she ordered me to pack my bags. She told me “It is already 4 o’clock, and you are still sitting and chatting. Do not you remember that you have to catch the train? If you do not want to go, then let me cancel the tickets and you can talk for one more day”. I ignored her. She shouted again at 4.30PM. I thought that she wanted to throw me out ASAP.

I could not ignore her this time. So I packed my bags, and finished my tea. We left home at 5 PM. I was confident to get the train whereas she was not. She started her Scooty and ordered me to place my ass on it. I settled on the back seat of the Scooty like a king.

Scooty halted after 10 minutes. I thought this was the moment when she would kiss me, but the choice of the place was little awkward. It was in the middle of the market. I positioned myself to receive a kiss, but suddenly she shouted and told me to get off the Scooty. Hell man, this girl was crazy. Dude she wanted to buy some snacks for my travel. Oops, sometimes it looks that these girls leave their brains at home so that it do not age throughout their lifetime.

I was struggling to decide the bigger problem among two problems that I had: First the train that I might miss, and second the ring which was lying in my backpack. Technology rescued me here; as per Google maps, I was not far from the railway station and there was enough time to reach to there. But I did not tell her to relax otherwise I would not have some more time to spend with her at station.

Flurry of questions hit my mind within a few moments. Where should I propose her? Should I propose her before parking the Scooty  or should I ask her before entering the railway station or should I request her at the platform? How should I propose Should I kneel down? Should I kiss her first, and propose her later? All stupid questions attacked my innocent and blank mind. I did not have answers. It would have been fantastic if I would have watched lot of girlish romance movies. I might have caught couple of ideas at the moment of crisis.

Anyway we reached to the station 5 minutes before the departure. She told me to rush to the ticket window and find out the platform number. Though I had other ideas, but due to her persistent demand and serious face, we rushed. We reached to the platform and took deep breath.

I was wondering what if train was leaving and I had to catch the running train, what were my options in that scenario. Should I have thrown the ring to her and shouted instead proposing “Will you marry me”? Should I have not boarded? Should I have passed the packet in her hand as a gift and turned back to my seat without seeing her reaction? Now everything was merely a thought because the train was yet still, and we had some time to talk.

I wanted to talk to her, but madam had some other plans. She called up her friend and started telling her to rush the station if he wanted to meet me. So in the meantime, I pulled the ring from my backpack. Without realizing, I started kneeling down in-front of my princess. She was yet busy in her call, but I was already sitting on one knee, and waiting for her to end the call. For me world stopped for some time, People stopped talking, everyone stopped walking. It was utmost necessary for me to tell her my feelings.

I told her “O MY lady, we know each other for quite a long time. In this time I have fallen in love for you multiple times, hated you sometimes, adored you few times, ignored you a few times, and hurt you many times.”

“I loved you when you danced, smiled, talked, shrugged your shoulders like stupid, and did innocent but childish things. I hated you for your persistent love and unmatchable dedication which I could never return. I adored you for your mental toughness, physical capability, and friendship. I ignored you when I did not have enough courage to face you. I hurt you deliberately sometimes and by chance other times."

“O MY JAANU, I was not able to make you my princess, but you treated me as a prince. You have given everything to an autistic person who does not value emotions.  Your presence, by my side, makes me perfect and pleases me more than anything.”

“Though I could not do much at this juncture, but I would like to make you my prisoner so that no one else can feel your presence. O MY DEAR if you accept my prison, would you accept this small token from your warden and prisoner.”

She was stoned with dismay and disbelief. She hesitated a little, but moments later she pressed her lips to mine. Crowd was enjoying the act of adultery at the railway station. Within few seconds, train started crawling and someone from train shouted “O Manjhanu, train chal di hai”. I boarded the train and we departed.

It was the first kiss, lasted a few seconds, of my life, that too from the most special lady in my life.