Friday, April 26, 2013

I am afraid

I have not spoken truth for a long time. I am afraid truth will hurt you, but still I am afraid lie will hurt me.

I have not sat idle for eternity now. I am afraid I will introspect and find something nasty, but still I am afraid I will never improve in life.

I have not found the answers of my questions. I am afraid to learn more, but still I am afraid of dying without knowing anything at all.

I have not visited lot of places. I am afraid of dying of boredom in my home, but still I am afraid of dying outside with someone known.

I have not understood lot of feelings of my dear ones. I am afraid to misunderstand them, but still I am afraid to disclose mine to understand theirs.

I have not taken lot of decisions. I am afraid of taking wrong decisions, but still I am afraid of suffering as I did not take any decision.

I have not told a lot yet. I am afraid of sharing it at my own, but still I am afraid what if there is no one left to ask.

I have not walked once without you. I am afraid to lose you, still I am afraid you will be gone once and forever.

When you have to go, then why should I worry.
When I have to go, then why Should I be sorry.

Yo God,
Give me some wings to fly.
Give me some fins to Swim.

I will fly, till I satisfy.
I will swim, till I am justified.
I will enjoy till I die.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Movie Review: Superman of Malegaon

Superman of Malegaon, 2012
Cast: .Shivram Krishnamoorthy, Farogh Jafri, Akram Khan, Shafique, Nazir Shaikh
DirectorFaiza Ahmad Khan
Genre: Comedy, Documentary

Malegaon is a village where everyone is movie-buff. People of this village are little crazier than others. They have established their own Mollywood to create spoofs of popular movies. Superman of malogaon is a documentary, which is the making of a superman movie's spoof. This malegoan's superman performs every impossible act (which are introduced with side effects in original movie) in the spoof. At the start, it is little odd, but once actual making starts, it makes you laugh loudly and repeatedly.

This movie was started as a project to produce documentary, which was supposed to telecast in Singapore, but later it turned out to be a nice documentary cum film for all kind of audiences. 66 minutes lively movie entertains us quite well. Without any big names and brands Faiza has directed a gem. Please stay away if you want to see some Rowdy type entertainment. It is jara hatke.

Malegoan, a village approximately 200 Kms away from Mumbai, has lot of movie loving people. So few such crazy people planned to direct/produce movies in their own village. After successfully showcasing 2 big Indian blockbusters' spoof in Mollywood theater, these crazy bunch of people planned to direct Superman in Malegaon. Here starts the hilarious and mind blowing comedy sequences. Superman is flying in sky, catching thieves, fighting bad people, romancing with ladies, and finally finishing the villain. Details of costume, casting, and direction have been covered quite well in the movie.

It is a short movie in comparison to other Bollywood flicks, but shorter length entertains you through out the movie, and does not bore at all. Director could have made it little lengthier, but still this version of movie works fine, and entertains us thoroughly. Hope Bollywood or rather Mollywood could produce more such movies in future, and entertain us more.