Friday, November 1, 2013

Diwali 2013

Here comes another Diwali. Another day of celebrations, excitements, noise, light and joy. A lot has been changed over last one year in my life and my family's life. These changes are long lasting impact. This Diwali set a tone for coming life or better say we are entering in new phase of our life.
Office Celebrations
I am getting married on Nov 18th and my brother is getting married on Nov 30th. So Papa has got some relief that his sons are normal and they like girls only. Start of this year has brought lot of tensions, discussions, and other unrealistic situation in life. For the complete years tension clouds kept us in grey light. There were problems, discussion, problems, and discussion. But solution were not so near.

Sweet flowers.
But now all the solutions are there and me and my whole family is going to step into the new phase of life.

Hope every Diwali bring such JOY and HAPPINESS to each and every family in the world.

The Rangoli@Office
I wish all of you a great happy Diwali.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Dilemma of a Murder

It was a dark night, and I was walking in a lane which didn't have any road lights. Dogs were barking not from far. Though I am quite a coward but there barking were not stirring me at all. My face did not any have any emotions, it was passive and non reactive. To my dismay I remember carrying a knife in my hand. This knife, which was not a normal kitchen knife, was at least 10 inch long. The scene was running like a movie sequence in front of my eyes.

I entered in the house, as if everything was well planned and taught. I took a left to reach the bedroom. It was pitch black. No lights were on, and it was perfect for me kill him. I entered into his room. He was sleeping soundly. He was chuckling as if he was dreaming something nice and funny.  But I was not interested in his dreams.

I was here to kill someone but I did not know the reason. My heart felt hatred and pity together. Courage and fear were fighting to take hold of my mind. I was trembling, but on the other side I was powerful. It was impossible to find the state of my body and mind.

While I was standing there, someone deep inside me asked me to finish the task.

“What is the task?” I asked. Even before completing my question I felt heat on my face as if someone has slapped me hard.

“Kill the man who is sleeping on the bed.” Someone commanded. I wanted to ask “Has he done something wrong?” but I could not as if my mind has lost powers even to speak to itself after the slap.

As if my mind was overpowered, I reached to the bed and raised my hand high enough to strike with maximum power. The knife came down and inserted into the white sheet first, then body and finally stopped at bone. There was a shriek, a shriek which was mix of pain, horror, shock, and dismay. But it didn't impact my intention. With the intentions of finishing the job, I raised my hand again. But in the mean time he turned and now he was facing me. Somehow I was able to see his face.

It was me who was lying on the bed. “What the hell?” I said. “Why do you want to kill me?” My replica said. Even before finishing his sentence he vomited the blood.

I woke up shrieking from my dream. “Oh fuck” I had been dreaming. I put on the lights and see red substance around my bed. It was my blood. My white sheets were blood red now, though there was neither any pain nor any wound. I was not sure what was happening.

Was I still dreaming or awake? Or was I dreaming inside my dream? I was weak, speechless, and clueless.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rain: Every time brings my childhood back

Sometime you do not need bigger things to swing your mood. A small favour from your friend, a smile from a street kid, little bit of here and there can make your day.

One such thing is Rain. Delhi has been quite cool for quite some time. Clouds have covered sun for last entire week. Though weather forecasting department have been predicting heavy rain fall for quite a long time, but rain fall was not in picture. And yeah I have been unlucky too.

When I was in Rohtak, heavy rain fall was reported in Delhi. So I returned back to Delhi, and it just stopped pouring, and it started in Rohtak. My friend kept informing me about the heavy rain fall in Ahmedabad. I went there but I did not even see a drop of rain for 2 days.

Today things were different. I was in Noida, and it was raining heavily here. I got lift from my friend till the half way. I had a laptop to save, so I ran. As I was resisting the rain, so it grew heavier with every passing moment. I was fully wet in covering 200 Mts distance. I entered in my society and I saw children playing there. I could not play with them as I am old enough to play with kids in the rain and rainy water.

Quietly I entered to my apartment, and unloaded my stuff. But I was yet done. So I planned to get more wet in rain. I planned to have tea outside the society, which gave me plenty of time to soak more rainy water.

Now I was ready to face the drops, but it started slowing down. Though I enjoyed the dying rain, but I think that I could have done little more masti in my childhood.

But still I enjoyed first awesome rain(First only for me) of the season.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Missed: Train or Ring

I was sitting in the drawing room, and I was talking to her friends and family. Suddenly she ordered me to pack my bags. She told me “It is already 4 o’clock, and you are still sitting and chatting. Do not you remember that you have to catch the train? If you do not want to go, then let me cancel the tickets and you can talk for one more day”. I ignored her. She shouted again at 4.30PM. I thought that she wanted to throw me out ASAP.

I could not ignore her this time. So I packed my bags, and finished my tea. We left home at 5 PM. I was confident to get the train whereas she was not. She started her Scooty and ordered me to place my ass on it. I settled on the back seat of the Scooty like a king.

Scooty halted after 10 minutes. I thought this was the moment when she would kiss me, but the choice of the place was little awkward. It was in the middle of the market. I positioned myself to receive a kiss, but suddenly she shouted and told me to get off the Scooty. Hell man, this girl was crazy. Dude she wanted to buy some snacks for my travel. Oops, sometimes it looks that these girls leave their brains at home so that it do not age throughout their lifetime.

I was struggling to decide the bigger problem among two problems that I had: First the train that I might miss, and second the ring which was lying in my backpack. Technology rescued me here; as per Google maps, I was not far from the railway station and there was enough time to reach to there. But I did not tell her to relax otherwise I would not have some more time to spend with her at station.

Flurry of questions hit my mind within a few moments. Where should I propose her? Should I propose her before parking the Scooty  or should I ask her before entering the railway station or should I request her at the platform? How should I propose Should I kneel down? Should I kiss her first, and propose her later? All stupid questions attacked my innocent and blank mind. I did not have answers. It would have been fantastic if I would have watched lot of girlish romance movies. I might have caught couple of ideas at the moment of crisis.

Anyway we reached to the station 5 minutes before the departure. She told me to rush to the ticket window and find out the platform number. Though I had other ideas, but due to her persistent demand and serious face, we rushed. We reached to the platform and took deep breath.

I was wondering what if train was leaving and I had to catch the running train, what were my options in that scenario. Should I have thrown the ring to her and shouted instead proposing “Will you marry me”? Should I have not boarded? Should I have passed the packet in her hand as a gift and turned back to my seat without seeing her reaction? Now everything was merely a thought because the train was yet still, and we had some time to talk.

I wanted to talk to her, but madam had some other plans. She called up her friend and started telling her to rush the station if he wanted to meet me. So in the meantime, I pulled the ring from my backpack. Without realizing, I started kneeling down in-front of my princess. She was yet busy in her call, but I was already sitting on one knee, and waiting for her to end the call. For me world stopped for some time, People stopped talking, everyone stopped walking. It was utmost necessary for me to tell her my feelings.

I told her “O MY lady, we know each other for quite a long time. In this time I have fallen in love for you multiple times, hated you sometimes, adored you few times, ignored you a few times, and hurt you many times.”

“I loved you when you danced, smiled, talked, shrugged your shoulders like stupid, and did innocent but childish things. I hated you for your persistent love and unmatchable dedication which I could never return. I adored you for your mental toughness, physical capability, and friendship. I ignored you when I did not have enough courage to face you. I hurt you deliberately sometimes and by chance other times."

“O MY JAANU, I was not able to make you my princess, but you treated me as a prince. You have given everything to an autistic person who does not value emotions.  Your presence, by my side, makes me perfect and pleases me more than anything.”

“Though I could not do much at this juncture, but I would like to make you my prisoner so that no one else can feel your presence. O MY DEAR if you accept my prison, would you accept this small token from your warden and prisoner.”

She was stoned with dismay and disbelief. She hesitated a little, but moments later she pressed her lips to mine. Crowd was enjoying the act of adultery at the railway station. Within few seconds, train started crawling and someone from train shouted “O Manjhanu, train chal di hai”. I boarded the train and we departed.

It was the first kiss, lasted a few seconds, of my life, that too from the most special lady in my life.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Udaipur Trip

It was a long awaited trip. I was consulting/requesting/offering/asking my friends to accompany me to Udaipur for a long time, but no-one was free to travel with me. Some friends were planning to go to some weird places, so I convinced them for Udaipur. Though it was hot, it was either this time or never. So predictably, I chose first and we were off to the city of lakes and Venice of west.

I planned to visit all important places of the city i.e. City Palace, Mansoon palace, Jagdish Temple, Gangaur Ghat, and Saheliyon ki Baari. Deepak, my friend's big bro, turned out to be a nice and well informed guide and he helped me to plan the places in an efficient manner.

In this part of India, Every tourist is welcomed by royal and enormous palaces, vivid and large lakes, and evergreen and colourful monuments, but tourists, visiting Udaipur this week, were greeted with more lively, colourful, and entertaining activity. Udaipur was celebrating Gangaur which is Rajasthan’s most known and fabulous festival. Thanks to unwanted, stupid and painful delays from my friends, now I was part of Rajasthan most fabulous fest @Rajasthan's most enjoyable city.

We started our day with brunch at Srinath Restaurant, which is at a walking distance (approximately 100 meters) from Railway station. This place is popular for authentic Gujurati and Rajasthani food. We all ordered Rajasthali Thali. They served us at least 4-5 vegetables, Raita, 2-3 sweetmeats, papad, salad, and breads of various varieties in a huge thali(plate). Food was so tasty that even after stuffing heavily, I was pushing a little more into my stomach. The restaurant surely exceeded our expectations.
My recommendation: If you want to eat good and authentic Rajasthani food, you must not miss this restaurant.

We were 4 people. 2 among us wanted to find the history of Udaipur and get acquainted with monuments whereas other 2 were interested in cozy wind and cold water at the rooftop of some hotel. So we split our paths based on interests.

Our expedition started now. We started with the City Palace which is the most popular and visited tourist place. Palace was built by Maharana Udai Singh. This palace is an exuberant display of Mughlai and Rajasthani architecture. Udaipur's Maharaja owns the palace and resides in it's one section, though this particular section is not open for public.
City Palace
We hired a guide, but he was in great hurry. Though he was helpful, he was neither informative nor patience enough. He rushed us through the various places of the greater historical significance and skipped lot of information. He was more interested in explaining us the various phases of peacock's sex life than explaining us the importance and significance of various artifacts, and places in the palace.

After entering through the main Tripolia (triple) gate, are the Suraj Gokhda (public address facade), the Mor-chowk (Peacock courtyard), the Dilkhush Mahal (heart’s delight), the Surya Chopar, the Sheesh Mahal (Palace of glass and mirrors), the Moti Mahal (Palace of Pearls), the Krishna Vilas (named after Lord Krishna), Shambu Niwas (royal residence now), the Bhim Vilas, the Amar Vilas (with a raised garden) that faces the Badi Mahal (the big palace), the Fateprakash Palace, the Shiv Niwas Palace (the latest addition to the complex), and the princess marriage mantap. Apart from these places, the palace has a crystal gallery, which contains lot of Rajputana artifacts. Entry fee for the crystal gallery is too huge, so it is seldom to see Indian tourist entering the gallery. Apart from the crystal gallery one smaller gallery also exists in palace. This gallery demonstrates history of the palace, kings and his dynasty, and Udaipur in pictures.

A picture at Museum
As most of the palaces in Rajasthan, this palace can also be rented to organize marriages. Though it is quite a nice business, but such businesses do not do justice to the greatness of such historical palaces. Government must really restrict owners to play with such artifacts which have such a great national importance.

Anyway it took us 4 hours to visit the entire palace, and we were really exhausted with the heat, and length and breadth of the palace.

It was already 4 o’clock in the evening and we were yet to visit many places before returning to Gangaur Ghat. We headed to the Sajjan Garh palace. It is situated in the outskirts of the city, on a hill top. It was built to watch the monsoon clouds; hence, it is popularly known as Monsoon palace. Along with rain predictions, kings and queens used the palace for hunting. It offers a panoramic view of the city's lakes, palaces and areas.

Palace has three floors. Among these 3 floors, first 2 are accessible to general public. It is surrounded by Aravali Range. Views from the 1st floor are indescribable. One side of the palace unleashes breathtaking views of the Udaipur city, whereas another side unfolds awesome views of the range. Many people visit the palace to see the glorious sunset. Though the Sun was still too high to elope, but as last vehicle was returning from hill top, so we returned without viewing the sunset.

Udaipur From Mansoon Palace
Aravali Range From Monsoon Palace
It was too difficult to find an auto from the outskirts of the Udaipur, but we found few generous folks who made sufficient space for us. We reached to the ghat by 630 in the evening. Huge ghat was packed with crowd. Ladies were in blue, red, yellow and other bright color. Kids were in their best possible attires. Westerns were trying to breathe in human ocean and get glimpse of Gan and Gaur idols, which were carried by ladies on their heads.

Many idols of Gan and Gaur were already deposited at the Ghat, and women were still bringing more. In the middle of the ghat, actors were performing Kachchi Ghori dance. Finally Udaipur’s queen and her subordinates brought royal idols in a big boat. In general all idols deposited should be submerged into the water, but in Udaipur, people take their idols back to houses and bring them again in next year’s celebration. It is a great tradition to save the water from pollution.
Someone from the crowd also danced with actual performers.
For us, Udaipur festival came alive after royal boat returned. Stage shows were commenced. Now it was time for music, dances, and live performances. First actor performed Shiva’s destruction dance. It was followed by Rajasthan’s welcome Song Kesariya Balam Aayo re. Then it was Goomar dance, fire dance, chart dance, Teerah Taali, and Raas (a musical performance of Radha Krishna’s affair). These 4 hours were the best hours of our trip. I never expected my trip to be so entertaining and thrilling.

Once festival was over, we realized how hungry we were. So we rushed to Santosh Restaurant to have my favourite food i.e. Daal, Baati, and Churma. Food was not as good as it was suggested. Anyway it filled my stomach and desire to eat Daal and Baati in Udaipur.

Day 2 was not as entertaining as Day 1. We started quite late today as well. After having some snacks, we visited Bagore Ki Haweli. It was restored as a museum from ruins. This is a small Haweli with many rooms. Museum started with a room which has many puppets of various sizes, mimicking various people, decorated in bright colors. Other rooms unlocked various Rajasthani cultural activities e.g. Shadi, war, courtrooms, weapons, and clothes etc. Though things placed in Haveli can provide good outlook of Rajasthani culture, it didn't attract me much because things were neither catered nor displayed in an efficient manner.

As it was hot and we were hungry, so we spend 2 hours in a café (Do not remember the name). It was quite near to Jagdish temple and Bagore Ki haweli. It was nice, peaceful café. 2 hours went without much fuzz.

After filling up our stomachs, we went for boating in Fatehsagar Lake. It was quite sunny by the time we reach the lake, so we killed 2 more hours in the nearby park. Around 5Pm, We took a ferry to reach to the Nehru Garden, situated in the middle of the Lake. Though the park was not startling, but there was a certain kind of romance in the environment due to eloping Sun. We returned with another ferry after spending some more time in the park.

Enjoying the Sunset and in love with Nature.
It was the time for dinner. Few people wanted to return to the city to some hotel which serves Alcohol, whereas I did not have such inclinations. So based on Deepak bhai's recommendations, we went to Raajbagh Restaurant.

It was a perfect restaurant for me. It has tables in open, which are adjacent to the Fatehsagar Lake. You could smell the water from your table. Lights were dim and every table was lit with candle. So it turned out to be a candle light dinner at the shore. I did not really care much about the food at such a nice place. Every item tasted cold, but good. Waiters were also good. We spend some quality time at the restaurant and left the restaurant quite late.
I must recommend this place to all people, mostly couples, to visit this nice restaurant. In nutshell, you would not go for food, but for the aroma and charm of the place.

In Udaipur, you do not get any kind of transport after 11 PM. So we were stuck at some unknown area without a hope of any public transport, but one unknown person helped us and drove us to a place where autos were available. So all in all, horrendous day ended with a smile on our faces.

Around 12 o'clock, I boarded to bus and left Udaipur. It was one among the best trips of my life.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Buck up, You got enough to face

We have sold our hopes to God.
We have sold our expectation to God.
We have sold our Goals to God.

He is building the chaos,
and yet we are part of it.
He is breaking things, 
and yet we are enjoying it. 
He can hurt the whole,
and yet we are hoping something out of it.
Then sometime we say
Why can not he stop making things?
Why can not he stop choosing things?
Why can not he stop breaking those chosen things?

and we feel that he isn't perfect.
He is some human who is enjoying the experiments.
He is some devil who is breaking the things.
He is some god who is making few broken things beautiful.

He is not gonna help us,
But He tells us, wake up you sneaky bastards.

I am enjoying your hopes,
but I am retarded with such hopes.
I am creating beautiful things,
But I am burdened with your singing.
I am managing the whole universe,
But I am overworked while managing each of you.

Buck up.
I have given you enough strength to fight.
I have given you plenty of mind to try.
I have give you plenty of things to make world right.

Let me rest, I am tired and stressed. I am tired and Stressed.

Friday, April 26, 2013

I am afraid

I have not spoken truth for a long time. I am afraid truth will hurt you, but still I am afraid lie will hurt me.

I have not sat idle for eternity now. I am afraid I will introspect and find something nasty, but still I am afraid I will never improve in life.

I have not found the answers of my questions. I am afraid to learn more, but still I am afraid of dying without knowing anything at all.

I have not visited lot of places. I am afraid of dying of boredom in my home, but still I am afraid of dying outside with someone known.

I have not understood lot of feelings of my dear ones. I am afraid to misunderstand them, but still I am afraid to disclose mine to understand theirs.

I have not taken lot of decisions. I am afraid of taking wrong decisions, but still I am afraid of suffering as I did not take any decision.

I have not told a lot yet. I am afraid of sharing it at my own, but still I am afraid what if there is no one left to ask.

I have not walked once without you. I am afraid to lose you, still I am afraid you will be gone once and forever.

When you have to go, then why should I worry.
When I have to go, then why Should I be sorry.

Yo God,
Give me some wings to fly.
Give me some fins to Swim.

I will fly, till I satisfy.
I will swim, till I am justified.
I will enjoy till I die.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Movie Review: Superman of Malegaon

Superman of Malegaon, 2012
Cast: .Shivram Krishnamoorthy, Farogh Jafri, Akram Khan, Shafique, Nazir Shaikh
DirectorFaiza Ahmad Khan
Genre: Comedy, Documentary

Malegaon is a village where everyone is movie-buff. People of this village are little crazier than others. They have established their own Mollywood to create spoofs of popular movies. Superman of malogaon is a documentary, which is the making of a superman movie's spoof. This malegoan's superman performs every impossible act (which are introduced with side effects in original movie) in the spoof. At the start, it is little odd, but once actual making starts, it makes you laugh loudly and repeatedly.

This movie was started as a project to produce documentary, which was supposed to telecast in Singapore, but later it turned out to be a nice documentary cum film for all kind of audiences. 66 minutes lively movie entertains us quite well. Without any big names and brands Faiza has directed a gem. Please stay away if you want to see some Rowdy type entertainment. It is jara hatke.

Malegoan, a village approximately 200 Kms away from Mumbai, has lot of movie loving people. So few such crazy people planned to direct/produce movies in their own village. After successfully showcasing 2 big Indian blockbusters' spoof in Mollywood theater, these crazy bunch of people planned to direct Superman in Malegaon. Here starts the hilarious and mind blowing comedy sequences. Superman is flying in sky, catching thieves, fighting bad people, romancing with ladies, and finally finishing the villain. Details of costume, casting, and direction have been covered quite well in the movie.

It is a short movie in comparison to other Bollywood flicks, but shorter length entertains you through out the movie, and does not bore at all. Director could have made it little lengthier, but still this version of movie works fine, and entertains us thoroughly. Hope Bollywood or rather Mollywood could produce more such movies in future, and entertain us more.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Movie Review: Road to Sangam

Road to Sangam, 2010
Cast: Paresh Rawall as Hasmat Ullah, Om Puri as Mohammad Ali Kasuri, Pawan Malhotra as Maulana Qureshi.
Director: Amit Rai
Music by: Nitin Kumar Gupta and Prem Haria
Genre: Drama, Social
Awards: 9th Annual International Film Festival (South Africa) - 2 – 8 November 2009 - (Winner of Best First Film Director) and Many more.

Road to Sangam showcases the zeal of a person who has to fight with the society to complete his duties for the nation. It demonstrates the handicapped state of a person in front of the current social foundation. A Muslim mechanic has been chosen to finish a very important work, which has a great historical significant in the Indian history, but he faces lot of difficulties to complete his work and at the end he has to stand against the society to complete his work.

Amit Rai has picked a controversial topic, but he has removed the controversy from the plot successfully and expressed his views effectively. Paresh raval has showcased his extraordinary talent again. Other actors, who have been part of movie, are hidden under the shadow of Paresh Raval's rock solid performance.

Hasmat ullah, who is a god fearing muslim and mechanic, is popular in community for his impeccable work  Hasmat has been handed over a vehicle which must be used to carry Bapu's ashes to immerse it into Sangam river. For some unknown reasons, the historical significance of the vehicle was kept secret.

Sooner few Muslims were arrested who were charged as conspirators in a bomb explosion. Few individuals, from the same community, took it otherwise and provoked others to stand against the government. In turn they closed their shops, and stood for their community members who were sent to jail. In the meantime,  Hasmat came to know the historical  significance of the car. Now he wanted to serve the nation by repairing the car at time. He could not go against his own either people or nation. So story of his struggles unfolded now. He had to fight with community,  teach people, bring them together and finish his work There were tense moments, and emotions, but finally he repaired and delivered the car to the people.

Though movie was a result of efforts from hundreds of people, but Ghandhian effect and Paresh Sir's marvelous acting worked too well in the movie. Script was great, no spice were added to such a noble but controversial concept. I loved this movie, and I could not understand the reason why these movies are not even advertised well by these directors. Great Movie must watch it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

World Peace

A video is circulated on Facebook, which depicts our ex-president. He is giving a speech in the European assembly. He recited one poem in his speech which is quite inspiring. So to remember it for a long time I thought to document it here.

Here is goes...

When there is righteousness in the heart, then there is beauty in  the character.
When there is beauty in the character, then there is harmony in the home.
When there is harmony in the home, then there is order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation, then there is peace in the world.

Those words are simple to understand, but inherit deep meaning. I am proud of our Mr X-President who has  increased nation's esteem in his each and every speech. I hope India can fuel in few more politicians like you.