Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Social Media in hearts

Social platforms have been invading in our life for quite some time. These platforms were encouraged to widespread your views with different people. To meet new individuals, get to know them, and start a life with new dimensions.

This basic ideology does not hold true anymore. People are spreading junk on these platforms. People have been intellectual enough to support multiple causes by sharing, and liking. Though at one hand they demonstrate their heart in the cause, yet at the other hand they show their incompetency in the real world. Throughout the day their tweets, Facebook statuses, and social platform information will clutter your pages, but these hypocrites will not be able to procure enough time to work at physical grounds.

Now new trend has started on these platforms. New set of people have started showcasing their emotions not only to concerned people, but also to everyone on earth. Without any concrete emotions, their walls are cluttered with virtual love, kisses, and sex. Our personal interaction and privacy have been losing it's own esteem. Reaction of the concerned person is too less important than reaction of Facebook people, which is primarily measured with comments and likes on your status.

Even we share our concerns with people who do not even have any idea of the problem. Why have we lost our guts to speak to the person, we know for multiple years? Instead we waste our time in story telling the problem to the unconcerned world, and seeking virtual consolation from these unconcerned people.

Whatever it is, we must not limit ourselves in the boundary of the virtual world. Though technology has tried to reduce our distances, but it has created opposite effects on our mind. Now our intimate communications are not bed room conversations, but rather they are statuses on our walls. Hope god can save us, and bring us out from such rude and unnatural form or love.