Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why do we Love Mahabharata?

I was listening a podcast in which narrator is narrating the great Indian epic Mahabharata. I was listening to the episode where war has broken out between the two armies. The objectives of these two armies have a clear demarcation i.e. One army, i.e. Pandavas, is fighting for truth and righteousness whereas another army, i.e Kauravas, is covered under the cloud of lies and Adharma.

As per the narrator the reason to love this epic is knowing the results at the start only. He tells that the person on the side of Dharma is going to crush others with the help of god, and this reason is good enough to love the epic, which has such an elaborate description of the war between Satya and Asatya. If we  adhere to the reason of narrator, we all must love every Bollywood movie which starts with two guys who are on the different sides of Karma.

Though I love this podcast and love his way of delivering the artifacts about this enormous piece of scripture, yet I differ from his reason. I love this epic for various satisfactory reasons. Few such reasons are mentioned below.

1. This epic demonstrates the human life. A man fight for the Land, and the honour of ladies. Man has to retain the honour which is compromised by ladies during some worthless debates. As man's life revolves around a female protagonist, similarly Mahabharata has revolved around different ladies. All these ladies shared their part of glory in the epic.
Shantunu falling in love with a lady and leaving the complete nation in chaos to have her.
Bhism abducting princess for his impotent brothers.
Dropadi commenting on her brother in laws and giving them a reason to write such a history.

2. Even though this epic is similar to human life, but still it does not lose supernatural substance to maintain our interest in the story. These supernatural characters intervened at times to spice the story up. Few demonstrations of such super powers are as mentioned below.
Krishna killed all Ashuras in his childhood.
Krishna showed entire universe in his mouth.
Lot of Rishies and Munies chanted blessings and curses at the start to impact the final consequence of the story in the end.
Most funny yet the most interesting story is about the length of the Dropdi's sari.

3. This epic has elaborate description of the war. Writer has concentrated on each and every character of the story. Writer has made sure that anyone supporting Adharma does not go unpunished.

4. Bhagwat Geeta is also important part of the epic.

Though I can list more reasons to invalidate narrator's point. yet most profound and satisfying reason is the similarity between epic and human life. This reason provokes me to know and to read the epic with greater interests.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ahmedabad Trip: Adalaj Stepwell

18 hours bus journey to Ahmedabad was an awful experience and a lesson to plan trips in advance. Due to my laziness, I was not able to book train tickets which cost me my comfort and sleep. Anyway, after reaching to Ahmedabad (21st Oct), my beautiful host showed me the hotel and left me there for uncertain number of hours. After spending 4 dreadful hours in hotel room, I was taken out for Ahmedabad tourism.

We went to Adalaj Stepwell, which was approximately 10Km far from my hotel. The Stepwell is a well surrounded by steps situated in Adalaj village. A larger section of the monument is inaccessible to people, so it is difficult to understand the place well. But still the location was worth spending the time.

Direct from Wikipedia
The stepwell was built in 1499 by Muslim king Mohammed Begda for Queen Rani Roopba, wife of Veer Singh, theVaghela chieftain. The step well or 'Vav', as it is called in Gujarati, is intricately carved and is five stories in depth. Such step wells were once integral to the semi arid regions of Gujarat as they provided basic water needs for drinking, washing and bathing. These wells were also venues for colorful festivals and sacred rituals.

Though the monument is small, yet this place is a wonderful and marvelous piece of Hindu architecture. Design engraved on stones and walls is prodigious. It is the five story monument where every story is supported by beautiful pillars erected in symmetry surrounding the well.

Apart from the well, this monument has a well maintained garden to rest; that's why this monument is used as a gutar gu place for lovers. This Stepwell is freely accessible to the public so sometimes you may catch some live action in the garden.

I feel everyone, visiting to Ahmedabad, must visit Stepwell once to know, and see the rich architecture, and the profound planning of ancient time.

PS: I was not aware about the place, so I did not carry my camera; hence I could take any pics at my own. Pics used in the blog are taken from other sites.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Movie Review: Antardwand

Antardwand, 2010
Cast: Raj Singh Chaudhary as Raghuveer, Swati Sen as Janki, Vinay Pathak and Akhilendra Mishra
Director: Shushil Rajpal
Music by: Bapi Tutul, composer of Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, and Khosla Ka Ghosla
Genre: Drama, Social
Award: National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues at the 2009 National Awards.

Antardwand, which literally means a fight within, is depicting a social issue (based on a true story of an IAS officer) in some Indian states. A father, thinking of his daughter's future, abducts an aspiring IAS candidate and force him to marry his daughter. Later this marriage becomes a nightmare, and story ends with the hunger for more.

Shushil Rajpal wanted to show a social problem on a big screen. So he searched a little and came up with such an uncomfortable, but an astounding revelation. Shushil opted actors who could not only act but also provide resemblance to the theme's background. His decision for not signing big actors has not given much market acknowledgement, but this movie has received huge appreciation by critique community. Movie's name attracted me quite a lot so I searched about it and found it the right candidate to watch.

Raghuveer, an IAS aspirant, has come to his village to meet his parents, and tell them about his girl friend. At the same time his father is dealing with Janki's father (Akhilendra Singh) who is willing to spend any amount of money in her daughter's marriage. But Raghuveer's father (Vinay Pathak) does not even consider the proposal. Next day Raghuveer has abducted and taken to a remote place. He is brutally beaten by abductors to convince him for marriage. Even after using force in inhumanly manner, Raghuveer does not give up. So to solve the riddle, Raghuveer is married to Janki in unconscious state. Such marriages are never accepted to anyone and time does not heal the wound. After spending one month in a single room problems still sustained between the couple. Raghuveer keeps searching for the ways to elope, but he does not find one whereas Janki keeps trying to persuade her husband, but she too is not successful yet. This movie revolves around the abduction, persuasion, and post marriage problems.

Lead protagonists have acted quite maturely. Irrespective of their smaller bollywood career, they have shown tremendous potential of the acting. Location depicted and language used is way too nearer to core areas. Story is narrated quite well in decent amount of time. Length of the sequences is checked by showing required shots without compromising with the essence of sequence.

Showcasing such social issue on a big screen poses lot of challenges to the team, but Shushil directed a master piece. Instead offending people, he received appreciation and accolades for his direction. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone who wants to watch something HAT KE.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ghandhi's Ji about Beggers

Yesterday I was reading Gram Swaraj written by Bapu. In this book, Ghandhi has advocated about the self-independence of villages. He has stressed the idea of model villages, where each and every village is dependent on none other than itself. He has laid out some guidelines to make the village independent which are helpful in eradicating the existing problems in the society, and bring best character of the Indian villages.

Though he has dictated lot of problems and suggested solution to all such problems, but his stern stand against begging is quite surprising, but contradictory to my opinions.

Ghandhi has always stressed that everyone must be employed. In his opinion, a person must eat only after working for sufficient time and earning his food gracefully. Other means of getting food/eatables must not be accepted to society. As per Ghandhi begging is heinous crime, and the person who is supporting or assisting in begging is also partner in crime. As per him, any one should not give anything to a person who is healthy enough to earn his/her livelihood. Society leads itself to destruction by supporting or promoting such individuals.

According to him a society must not help physically handicaps. As per his views, it is government's responsibility to build houses/places to support such individuals. None, other than government, should take this task in their hands and interrupt someone else's work.

My Take/View
Ghandhi Ji was optimistic about Indian society, so he assumed that everyone would follow fundamentals of humanity, but even after 65 years of Indian independence people are still hungry and greedy. In current circumstances, it is really difficult to adapt these strict measures. When everyone wants to run from his task, then let society do something for humanity with the fear of God.

Anyway after reading Ghandiji's view, I will stop assisting any person who can work and earn, but I will not stop assisting other category of people.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gujarat: Ahmedabad

I always wished to visit all Indian states. My intention to travel different states is to know culture, religion, people, standard of living, dressing, traditions, and other such important aspects of inhabitants living in the state. Most people will suggest me to find this information on internet, instead taking trouble in visiting. But I do not think that it is possible to visualize or understand the society without spending time with them.

I have heard a lot about Gujarat in past, but I never got a chance to visit the state. For me Gujarat is synonym to Mr Modi, communal violence, rich Gujju people, love city, garba, developments, state where BJP has anarchy, and Dhokla.

Now I have got a chance to stay in Ahmedabad and feel state's real nature, find state's characteristics, and know more about the state. This trip will surely change or strengthen my perceptions about the state.

In this trip I am going to see Navratra festival, and if I am lucky enough, then I will get a chance to participate in Garba (Gujarati Traditional dance). Apart from Garba, I am going to meet lot many Gujju people and will get to know their prospective. Next comes the snacks. We always get to eat Gujarati dishes in north Indian, or south Indian fashion. This time I am going to taste Gujarati dishes cooked in Gujarati style.

Hope I will enjoy the trip and learn a little about the state which is always in news for one reason or other.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Interpretation is always associated with mind set and mood at the given point of time. We interpret based on the facts available to us, and while judging the incident or statement our direction of judgment miss intricate details of the surrounding. X person state or act based on the people/problems/difficulties around, but person judging at other side does not even consider those small, but important matter. Such different interpretations create problems between families or couples or friends.

If people interpreting or judging can hold their thoughts from wondering for some time, and discuss the views with other person in person, it can surely help to erase some impulsive problems in relationship. Some times impulsive interpretations make life unlivable and miserable, but another thought and small discussions make the world wonderfully beautifully.

Let's wait and think, but believe me it helps our thinking, and demonstrate the respect and love for us in other person's mind.

Wish I could follow my own writings forever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winning Or Loosing

Life is not about winning a competition. You achieve more satisfaction when you put up a fight without caring about the results. Just to concentrate on winning the game, most of the times we miss the pleasure of playing it.

Just now, I was arguing with my friend, and at the end of discussion I told her that she won. She asked "Does it matter to you who won?". I was dumbfounded and thought "Do not we make life more miserable by judging on the parameters of winning or loosing it."

Let's play to please ourselves instead play to win for others.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Why are we scared with society so much? Society is not to restrict good ideas, but it is to promote good ideas among themselves to make our life better.

Every second person thinks about society before taking any action, whether it can harm. Why can not some one take a step of reform and guide others to move out of orthodox and obnoxious traditions?

It will not only help individual, but also to society for implementing and spreading better ideas. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Movie Review: Barfii

Barfii, 2012
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor as Marfi, but mostly known as Burfee, Priyanka Chopra as Jhilmil and Ileana D'Cruz as Shruti Ghosh
Director: Anurag Basu who has directed Life in a metro, Kites, and other well acclaimed movies
Music by: Pritam
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Barfii is a romantic comedy, which unfolds the romance between a deaf and dumb guy, and an autistic girl. Murfi/Burfii falls in love with Shreya Ghosh, but their love story does not hold ground against social stigma. Due to uncharacteristic circumstances, Jhilmil, who is an autistic girl, starts developing emotions for him, and rest of the story revolves around the difficulties in their love.

Anurag, Ranbir, and Priyanka have excelled in their performances so much that their last best performances are forgettable. When Indian cinema is looking for renovation, at such critical time this movie fits perfectly into the old structure, and stamps unforgettable feelings into the mind of viewer.

Murfy, who lost his mom when we was born, is deaf and dumb, but full of life. He is quite popular in surrounding, and is known as Barfii. One rich girl, Shruti who is already engaged, comes to Darjeeling with her parents, and Burfii falls for her. Within sometime they both fall in love, but quite as usual they could not succeed to convince Shruti's parent. Life moves on. Due to father's illness Burfi has to abduct Jhilmil, an autistic girl and Barfii's childhood friend. Within sometime Jhilmil starts developing a feeling for Burfi. She starts believing in him, and finds a nice companion in him. Whereas Shruti was not yet finished. She is waiting for a miracle, which happens. Things start turning from this point, and take us to a ride of romance with comic scenes.

Ranbir has not got any chance to speak in this movie, but his performance as an actor must get him a national award. His mute act has put a star on his shoulders. Priyanka has done wonderful job this time. She has told her critiques that she has a potential, and industry must acknowledge it. Songs and music in the movie is soothing and praiseworthy. Pritam's work is brilliant, and his work adds one additional star to the movie's performance.

Direction of the movie is good apart from few places. At few places sequence was little loose and lengthy. Length of the movie was also little distracting for Hollywood savvy people. The director has moved in time so many frequently that it was little difficult to join the pieces, but all in all it is well directed and thought movie.

I loved the cinematography. Actually I loved each and every shot of the movie. It seems to me that every shot was taken with different angles, colors and motions to find best position of the camera. Shot's background never lost its charm even if actor was running, or walking in grass, or riding the bicycle. Viewer got a chance to view beautiful green Darjeeling in the most delicate way.

Apart from few glitches, I loved the movie a lot. There were moments which stuck to my mind and those moments would remain there for a long time.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Khawaish or Shart

Quite a premature poem... But still posting to maintain it in my database. :)

Ankhon ki is halchal ki vajah soch raha hun,
Honton ki gum sarsarahat ki danstan bun raha hun.
Chehre Ki haseen muskurahat ki ada chun raha hun,
Maang to jahan sakta hun khuda se, abhi chand lamhon ki khushi maang raha hun.

Ik din jahanpanah ne meri peer sun li,
Jo mangi vo khushi meri duniya mein bhar di.

Tujhe na maloom in chand lamhon me mene kya kya maang dala hai,
Tere har gam ko mene uske anchal mein dhakel dala hai.
Tere jahan me usne duniya bhar ka pyar samet dala hai,
Ab mere sapno ka sansar usne tere sapno se jod dala hai.

Har kadam usne meri awaj suni thi,
Lekin uske jawab mein ik shart rakhi thi.

Na socha tha mene, tu is tarah pesh aayegi,
Sab kuch milte hi teri fitrat yun badal jayegi.
Teri ankhon se viswas ki chamak yun ud jayegi,
Jindagi hokar maut si ho jayegi.

Is gadhi meri dhadkan mujhe daga de rahi thi,
Shart ke mutabik meri jaan mujhse chin rahi thi.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pappu Ka Swayamvar

Pappu is my best friend since my school days. He always had crush on different girls at different times, but none of his crushes eyed him even once. Though these girls tormented, tortured, and pained him, but he never lost his hopes. He is still waiting for his perfect match, who can love him forever like a cow, who grazes grass 24*7 in an open field. Pappu will love her like a bull, who works 24*7. As Pappu is disappointed, so he has very important information to share with you all.

Hi Friends (Esp girls),

We always face problems to understand his, he who should not be named, wishes. Though his selected path does not suit us, but still we follow his path to save our asses from the mysterious electricity generated in the clouds. Now look at me, when I was desperate to fall in love with some girl, at that time he didn't create a single suitable girl for me. As if my love line, the most sensitive line on palm, got deleted while oiling my hairs.

Most of the times, I have seen these girls in my dreams talking about me. Oh babes, this man stinks. Let’s not go closer to him. But excuse me girls, I have used the same deodorant which made angles fall from the sky. How can I stink? You stupids! Have you not seen this advertisement yet? I was not brave enough to walk to them and force them to smell my deodorant, otherwise at least one or two girls would have dropped in my arms.

Oh no, he looks desperate. Let’s stay away from him. Desperate! are you out of your mind? Do not you see this awesome smile on my face?

I used to scream, cry, and plead with them to come closer and to embrace my dejected love, But these girls did not even pass a smile to me. An experienced man, even if he is married, was a preferable choice of boy friend over a fresh and energetic man like me.

Anyway after wandering in dejection for many years, I planned to stop my search for love. I pulled my strings and handed these strings to my parents. Probably parents are the best bet for children like us. Though I felt ashamed while delegating my responsibilities to them, but it increased my reputation in their mind. They were happy as their ward has not gone beyond the limitations imposed by monstrous society.

At the start, we received unbelievable number of responses which were quite unexpected to all of us. I didn't expect so many girls were dying to marry me, and their parents were waiting only for me. Though these girls didn't want show their love to me, but deep down inside they were in love with me. Lot of parents came and went. Few returned, but didn't revert back after hearing my Dad's demand. Very few, who returned again, gave me their daughter's numbers. Most of these girls loved my sense of humour, smartness, and intelligence, but due to inferiority complex their parents never tried to buzz my dad back.

With time I figured that there are very few girls who can match my caliber, and these girls have not met me yet. So before these girls are married to guys with lesser caliber, I planned to unearth them. I am writing this post to search for such a girl. I am conducting a Swayamvar to find my dream girl who can match me in intelligence, humor, and caliber.

I know, After reading my post you are already interested in me, but still you must know little more about me.

Name: Pappu Rangawat
Father's Name: No Need
Height: More than Abhishek Bachchan
Looks: Very white similar to wheat's flour, handsome like Tushar Kapoor and muscular.
Education: Highly Educated.

I want someone with good family background, cute as Karina Kapoor looked cute in chameli, sexy as Bipasa vasu, graduate from a national level institute, fair as cow's new born calf, and most importantly her father must be a millionaire.

Thank you very much for reading my profile. I hope to meet you at Swayamvar soon. Please do not forget to bring your father's income certificate.