Friday, December 30, 2011

Let me capture fleeting 2011

So here it is, December 31st 2011. I quit my job on November 4, 2010 and started the year 2011 started with lots of expectations, speculations and desires. Year 2011 started with the following expectations.

 1. I had expected to face at-least one thunderstorm in winters. In every newspaper an article was dedicated to report the number of causalities due to cold waves and the decrease in the temperature in Delhi. So due to adverse and rapid effects of Global warming, I had expected fiercer winters this year. 
 2. Another expectation of 2011 was to confront a dust storm in summers. As I had moved closer to the deserts (Mind it Rajasthan is not far from Delhi), so dust storm is a realistic expectation. Newspapers in Bangalore and scientific discoveries related to global warming used to indicate many dust storms in peak summers in NCR.
 3. This was a new company for me, so I had expected lot of new challenges for me. Okay, do not take me wrong but really I had expected at-least a couple of foreign trips. Work does not pose any challenge but cooking, washing clothes and utensils, sweeping and rest could have kept me at edge of the cliff in pardesh. 
 4. This year started with the agenda of completing and moving to the new house at my home town. 
 5. Finding a girl was another big task for people around me. Everyone contributed in this task. Whether they were my relatives or colleagues or friends or brother or my maid all of them contributed significantly to find a girl for me.
PS: I do not want to mention few other blunders.

2011 just fleeted, I did not even realize when a month passed, then another and finally 12 months just sped away and became the past. Though I did not achieve anything significant but I am 1 year older and wiser (Do not argue. Let’s assume it). I had wasted (optimistically -> Enjoyed) my evening in playing TT and badminton. I wasted (optimistically -> Invested ) lot of money in buying books to showcase my bookshelves to people but none of my friends even noticed this. I wasted (There is no optimistic synonym to it) my weekends in travelling to my native place for no good reasons. Amidst all this chaos year 2011 vanished. My achievements of this year can be counted on finger tips. Few important events are the following.
 1. I had visited 3 places in this complete year.
   a. Agra.
   b. Aurangabad and Ellora caves
   c. Ranila, Jain pilgrimage.
2. Our mansion is 90% completed, so my parents can move to our new house soon.
3. Most unexpectedly, I was appreciated first time in my career for my work ;).
4. I have read lot of novels so my count has increased significantly and along with that my reading and writing speed has increased a little in compared to last year.

Okay, that is all, I could not remember anything more. Shhhh disappointing, is not it? I should not be disappointed so much as number of achievements remains same every year. Every uncompleted task will be carried forward to next year and give heads up in the new year.
So I think following will be 2012’s expectations.
1. Weather Front
 a. I am still waiting for Thunderstorm to shiver my body.
 b. I think for dust storm I have to visit desert once otherwise I might have to wait little longer.
2. Shopping spree
 a. Mummy kept asking me to buy some gold, so she might persuade me this time… Shhhh…. Moms na…
 b. Someone might push me to buy a car.
 c. A House/Flat is in my list for sure.
3. Personal Front
 a. It might not feature in my aims but my Marriage is the aim for everyone related to me.
 b. Yeah my mansion will surely be over next year end. (Suri and Amit ghar poora ho hi jayega salon)
 c. I would like to visit at-least 5-6 places this year.
4. Professional Front
 a. At-least one foreign trip. Work pressure will remain same this year as well. So I do not need to worry about work.
Hmmm, I hope I will be able to do everything listed above and keep everyone happy in next year. I am really happy with the way this year has gone. I lived and enjoyed life a lot and I expect to enjoy the next year as well.

HAPPY NEW YEARS FRIENDS, Hope this year will bring more smile on your faces and cheers in your life.

It matters when wait is longer

Papa called me up and his tone of speaking was not as usual. For a long time he is been quite busy and stressed due to amount of work in recent past. Our house is under construction for past ten months and it is not completed yet so He remains busy to make sure none of the workers rests. His tension increases when he thinks none of his sons are married yet and, top of all this, one call from his SDM exaggerates his tensions. Rest other family commitments and tensions make his life more miserable. So his tone was not usual for me.

Most of the times, he calls me to consult or ask something. This time it was different, his voice was cheerful. He broke the news of his promotion after small chit chat. Yeah, my dad got promoted. He has been promoted to Girdhavar(One who manages Patwaris) from Patwari (Lekhpal) and he is a gazetted officer now.
Sahi Mein Bahut Khush hain Pa

I am really happy for him. I have seen him working on one post for past 25 years. First he worked in Irrigation department, and then he was moved to revenue department without any promotion which increased his burdens. In 25 years of his service, he got continuous increments but his work and burden kept increasing but government does not promote people so frequently so his promotion was out of question.

This promotion is quite important for him and for all of us. Papa will get some rest from his field work and he will have lesser things to worry. In my five years career, I have already got two promotions and I never felt proud of it but when I heard about Papa's promotion, a feeling of proud ran through my blood. I was as happy as him and I can breathe a little as I have to worry about him little lesser.

PS: My dad was little unhappy also, as instead of getting salary increment, his allowance will decrease and hence the salary as well.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vibha Diary: Search for an NGO

I had been thinking to join a social group, but I was lazy enough to type "NGO in Bangalore"@Google, so joining such a group was just a dream. Though the  fuel was always there but the medium to burn the fuel was not available. People in office had lots of different reasons to join an NGO. My office used to support an NGO and my colleagues used to visit the place once a while, but I never took any interest in supporting these workers and their causes.

After 3 years one room-mate left and Ashish came to Bangalore with the fuel and the burning power. Once a while in our inconclusive discussions, we had discussed about joining an NGO and "GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO THE SOCIETY". I was never too sure if I was really inspired to do something like this but as usual we made statements and forgot them after the discussion. But one such discussion clanged to Ashish's mind and our heated and in-depth discussion provided him the inspiration to do something which I dreamt for last 3 years i.e. TYPE "NGO in Bangalore" in Google and enter.

He did not disclose any results of his search but went somewhere on the same weekend. After returning back he told about NGO. This NGO was for dogs, something like PETA. People at this NGO were working for a good DOG life. Ashish was supposed to assist a team which would catch all the stray dogs from the streets and take them to a safer place. Though I am not an animal lover and I argue with people who fight for animal's cause (Quite frankly, they are also assisting but ….). People argue when human cannot be trusted then why not love someone who can be trusted i.e. Dog. Why do we even trust our family, our relatives, our friends and people around us? People say animals cannot speak, cannot demand and cannot hit back then that it is our responsibility to feed them and take care of them. Okay, there are a lot more humans who are living life very similar to this, why not work for them. I know, there are lots of people against my ideology but is it not worth to work for humanity or to work for people similar to you who need help just like the  animals. If we all reach a level where humans are not in need then in such society we can think of uplifting the standard of animals not until someone, like us, is in pain.

Anyways Ashish and I again had in-depth discussion about the importance of social work and preferences and somehow I convinced him. Though it was difficult for me to change his thoughts but this time our discussion reached to a conclusive end. So he searched again to find an NGO for children.

Within half an hour we registered for an NGO called VIBHA, which works for underprivileged children. This NGO supports various organizations across the country, mainly in south India. This organization provides financial assistance to other organizations which work for children born with lesser privileges and higher expectations. These organizations try to bring in more children under the radar to improve their current and future life.

Vibha working for under Privilege Children
I was not yet fully sure if I would like to continue this NGO but there are few reasons which might have impacted my decision.
1.     Ashish pushed me a lot to join so that we both can go support each other for the cause.
2.     MBA was much awaited future for me, so I wanted to add something in my resume to increase its worth.
3.     Lots of girls join NGOs so …...
4.     I had lot of time on weekends, so wanted to enjoy my time than wasting it in home.

But all stated reasons were secondary as I wanted to join some group where I might not be able to make a difference but can contribute towards the cause and assist people who are trying hard to make a difference.

More to continue…

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Perfume - A story of murderer

Perfume, A story of murderer, started with a lean and weak guy whose hands and legs were cuffed. The guy seemed in ease but the uproar outside the prison demonstrated the weirdness of the story. People were screaming, shouting, stoning. They were having axes, weapons and wooden articles to kill the culprit. Soon the Prisoner was brought in balcony among a higher uproar and shouting of giving him the instant capital punishment but his punishment was read to people there and narrator travels in the past to tell us his past.

A child was born with extra-ordinary capabilities that could smell good or bad, stench or perfume. He could recognize any scent irrespective of the distance of the source. He could smell dust, water, rock, stone, frog, iron, rotten rat and human body. There was not any smell which was hidden from him. Every day he encountered new smells and added them to the list of known smells without even knowing their source.

One day he smelled something extraordinary and became hysterical about it. He started looking the source of such marvelous smell. It was a gal. He followed her without following conducts and manners of society and under some unstated circumstances he managed to kill the gal. He did not stop here, like an animal he smelled her body without any notion of pain or fear in his eyes. He wanted to preserve this smell desperately but he was helpless.

Soon he found one old perfumer who might know the trick of preserving the smell. He created lots of new perfumes for the old perfumer and in return he asked oldie to teach him the way to preserve any smell. Old guy passed his trick to the protagonist but it did not suffice. With this trick the boy could not preserve the smell of iron, dust and animal body. So Old man suggested him to visit Rome city to learn other preserving mechanisms.

On the way to city, the boy realized he was odorless. He was different from people, living and non-living things. So he determined to find his own odor. He reached to the city and started finding new way of preserving the smell. 

He found one and story of murders started from here. He killed one gal and tried preserving her smell but failed miserably in this technique. He learned another way and tried it on different gal and succeeded this time. Here started the spree of murders. Most 13 beautiful gals of the city were his victims and their smells were stored in different containers. Killer was merciless and inattentive and was committed to his duties. He worked like a messenger sent on earth to take beauties back to heavens.

With these 13 smells he created a perfume which was unique and exemplary; and he decided to use this perfume as his own odor and rest of the story should be kept secret.

I have tried my best to keep secrets; everything written above has an explanation in movie. I liked the movie a lot due to its unusual theme, direction, and pace of the movie. There was a sequence of 10 minutes which bored me a little but in all movie is must watch. At each step I was waiting for next step of the psychopath.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thank You Sir

As soon as I wake up on a working day; two questions pop into my mind. First is "When will maid arrive?" and another is "Will there be huge traffic at under pass?" Maid does not concern me much but traffic chaos@underpass is a big pain in ass.

Under pass, what is this under pass and why is it so crucial on weekdays?

As name suggests it is a way, under National Highway 24, which connects Indirapuram society Ghaziabad and Noida Sector 62. Day by day sky scrapping are inaugurating, no of flats are increasing, more people are moving, and prosperity in the area is booming. With each wealthy individual a four wheeler vehicle is adding to the huge list of already existing vehicles. So in the morning number of vehicles, traveling to Noida Sector 62, is huge and this number is increasing day by day.

The concerned Underpass is barely enough to provide comfortable pass for two vehicles at a time and the road is filled with digs. Bumpy and small road makes life troublesome for people. So this pass works as a nerve which dampens the blood flow and increases the chances of heart attack i.e. traffic Jam.

The complete problem is not the underpass, but the impatience of individuals living in the locality. In general, to cross the pass, people create a line which keeps things in order. But there are people (XXX i.e. lot of slang to them), who do not understand the moral responsibility and instead of following the unforced but moral rules, break self imposed regulations to initiate the problem. These stupid people do not even act stupidly but also they provoke people who were following the order and it becomes chaos within few minutes. Few individuals get advantage from their heinous act but rest other people have to face the consequences. Sometime it takes 25-30 minutes of time to cross 500 meters.

People need guidance, a law, a regulator or a helper to demonstrate them the right path. This pass found one volunteer. One guy, who neither belongs to any law enforcement department nor any social group nor travels from this underpass, regulates the stupid people from initiating the chaos, He slaps an auto Driver, he shouts at Rickshaw driver, he guides the four wheeler driver to the correct lane, and sometime he routes stupid folks to NH24. Police, standing there, enjoy the intelligence and determination of this volunteer but their intellectual lack the capabilities of managing the underpass in such an efficient manner. This guy, with whole lot of muscles, mustaches and body fit sleeveless T-Shirt, looks like an army man. Once people see him standing in front of pass they themselves understand the order.

He shouts and Suggests people to behave as a human instead cattle.
He has earned a respect, an admiration and a lot of thanks from each selfish individual. Everyday people hope to see him at underpass. If he is not there it means you lost 20 minutes of your time to solve the Underpass riddle.

I do not know his name, his designation. I do not know where he stays. I do not know what he does for earning. I do not know where he disappears on some specific days. I do not know why he is doing all this for society. But I appreciate his work every day while passing the underpass.

I never got guts to ask him his name, designation, place of living. I never got guts to step down from my auto and tell him we all are very thankful for his work, time and charity. I found this platform i.e. my blog(Read by least number of people on earth) much safer and less humiliating to acknowledge the work of an individual to whole Indirapuram locality. He must feel proud and twist his mustache looking into one's eye to tell his role in the lives of others.

Hats off to you sir. Once again thank you very much for managing the underpass and saving our asses from our bosses.

Update: Based on the comment posted, His name is Sanjeev Trehan. He's 52 and a catering firm owner. Thank you very much sir.