Friday, August 13, 2010

Hail Dictator

India is a democratic country. As part of democracy, there are many luxuries which have been assumed as rights. These assumptions are so dominant that differentiating luxury and right becomes difficult to us. For example, to select a leader of a group of 5 people, we vote to choose one. Is it luxury or right? I do not know it. But I have one question; this question keeps me awake for hours.

Would it be possible for us to survive behind invisible bars of slavery? What if someone declares emergency again like Indira Ghandhi did it in 84? How will it (I don’t mean to people lying on road in the blood-pool) impact India? Some dictator or a dictator, would he be able to make us feel prouder on India?

I do not know much but As an Indian, I have lived my whole life in democratic fashion and finding alternative to the democracy is just rubbish thought to me. But on the other hand it feels I have not thought much about country. Did we ever thought; what is this democracy? Is not this more similar to a puppet, who is handled by few illiterate, chauvinistic and corrupt people (I think most of you will not agree with me)?

So Instead of choosing Indian destiny on caste, religion, region, money and reputation, if a intelligent dictator chooses right peoples to march; India may grow fast enough to catch the developed economy. There will be less strikes, dharnas, road blocks, and stone pelting. Person in power will command all the departments.  Functioning of government will be centralized. All the order will pass from one side and executed thoroughly without execution delays and headless errors. It is just the start, there are others thousand more things which will grow, develop, resolve and evolve.

I will close this post without counter arguing. I will continue this in next post.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saina: Does she have potential to fight with Cricketer?

Saina Nehwal is in news for past 1 month. Besides performing her career best, she has achieved what most of athletes or sport persons could not achieve. Earlier it was heart breaking to see a very small space provided to her Chennai open win. Story of her second tourney win occupied the same amount of space and media kept its promise by giving the same paper on her third win as well. But it was fascinating to see the awareness of people in India. 

Besides not getting the deserving coverage, there were thousands of people who reached to receive Miss Champ. It was more appreciable as media did not provoke these applauses; these applauses were from people of India who made Saina a shining star. Here onward media started to unearth her detail most of the media could grab her daily routines and health diets. Government placed her in the elite league by presenting her the biggest sport medal. 

But will this be a break for her? There are sports which pop up in the middle of nowhere to claim the limelight but this shine fades in front of Indian cricketing Community.

Saina has done well to reach to the number 2 and most importantly she could take her name to common people. But her success poses few difficult questions to answer. 

First question, would she able to survive and digest the limelight? There are 10s of examples where it took time for sport persons to digest the sudden glamour and most of them just slipped into the trap of glamour. Saina is also a human being, so it is okay to slip once but if she is able to stand up after first slipping then it is not difficult for her to ride and enjoy the glamour.

Second question, would her future efforts pose the threat of switching sport dharma? In my opinion in this era it is possible. People are exhausted with the extreme cricket and their exhaustion can prompt them to get rid of loyalty of cricket.

These 2 questions are somehow related to each other and answers depend on Saina's performance. Now if she wants to depict herself as the survivor (From media fame) as well as reformer (new trends of sport), she has to curb all difficulties to follow the same road map that has given her this glory. I do not know future but I can just wish the young lady and expect her to break all the records created in the history of badminton.

Best of luck Saina.