Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ghoda Ki Shadi

One month back, Sidharth Gaurav Nayak aka Ghoda called to announce that he is tying the knot. Ghoda is first from computer group to tie the knot. I was happy because as per the expectations I was one to marry first but it was him, victim of traditions. Apart from this I was happy with the thought of attending a marriage after 8 years…

Time passed and it was 1st July. Tickets to Bhubneswar were booked. We shopped a little. Gaurav bought couple of shirts and one Kurta, the amusing fact about kurta was it had 50 odd shiny stars and 20 odd sparkling Moons.

2nd July morning, everything was on track, we reached airport and deported to BBW and after few hours we landed … Ghora, who claimed to have booked the cab to pick us up, told us to get a cab for hotel… kamin sala. After a short journey, all of us were there in a hotel room chatting about present, future and unforgettable past.

It was Nikasi time; all drinkers and nondrinker were out in open in front of Ghodi that Ghoda was riding. Our dance steps, which were undiscovered till now, were not funny at all…JJ I remember trying Nagin dance though it was not successful enough. I wonder why not Bollywood choreographers include those steps in their choreography. Sidharth Gaurav Nayak had confused smile on his face, I do not know was he happy for a companion who will bear him for life time or unhappy for losing the freedom. Being the selfish bump, I dint care much about his state, I kept dancing and enjoying the moments…

Time of Jaymala, bride tried hard to put the garland in the right neck (Ghoda’s neck) whereas for ghoda the task was little easier than fetching a cock from a cage. We took some snaps with smiling couple. Now it was time for dinner so we left the blessed couple behind to spread more smile and headed toward dinner tables.
There were vendors trying to finish their stalls as soon as possible. There were numerous options but best was Gulab Jamun. I reached to the stall and asked for one, guy asked me Bhaiya lo, and


Oh it was my alarm and I was still sleeping… It was 7.30 AM and flying time is 11. As I found it is little early to get up so took nap for few more minutes. Few minutes were not hostile. But Cost of our extreme laziness was 2 hours and we started at 9.30… Now it was the race with time and it was extremely difficult to keep the pace with it. Gaurav hired Meru cab and cab started at 10.00 from Dairy Circle. All hopes of winning were replenished but sooner Mr. Driver suggested it will take atleast an hour to reach the airport… What?

Bhaiya, Mera flight hai@11.05... Sir mein try karta, 5 minute pahle pahunchte 11o’clock. Now environment was little tense but I was calm. According to me Mr. Driver was trying smart, he was keeping little time in case of unprecedented events. Our cab was speeding; speeding beyond the permissible limit toward airport whereas warning to slow it down was ignored couple of times…
As promised we reached at 5 to 11.00AM. I rushed to the check-in counter. I still had hopes and banged at Kingfisher counter.

Your flight has departed… what? Departed? What are you talking about? There are 10 minutes left. Can’t you do something? Sir I can reschedule your tickets for tomorrow… Tomorrow? What will I do tomorrow? Will ghoda remarry tomorrow for me? Sir nothing is possible, please leave the way for others… thank you very much…

From the incident I learnt, every unsuccessful attempt is synonymous to never tried as I could not convince anyone that I missed the flight.