Friday, December 31, 2010

B Bye 2010 Hi 2011

Countdown for the Year 2011 has begun and sooner we all will change calenders. Our laptops will display 2011 as current year. Was 2010 not a long year?

For me yeah it was tiring and long. Lot of things, lot of expectations, targets were either achieved or removed from the bucket list.

Most importantly "Conquer CAT - Bell the CAT" was removed from my list in 2010. Though It was almost removed in 2009 but my friend compelled me to try it once more but I did not feel CAT's addition burden in 2010.

As a part of my main achievements, I moved back to North( :( :( ). After long discussions, chats and expert opinions I choose to move to north (Few friends told me that my destiny is NCR then why to delay it more). Yeah, Yeah I got good hikes and all and now I am all set in Noida. I might have achieved chota mota chisen but this is the most important thing I could remember.

I did not fail in anything yet ( :) :) ). Okay for the facts, even if I have; I have recompiled my task list and added the task at the end of it.

2011, I have a lot of things in my bag. First, get layout plans for home, build it (My dad has told me, he wont do anything now it is my responsibility. N I have told him to sit down and enjoy the freedom). Next is to find a awesome partner from an unsuitable batch (Assuming those chicks :) will screw me). Okay lets say done.... Then marry soon... And if these tasks are completed by the End of March, one more task will be appended to my 2011 list ( :(:( ) .

Chalo koi na, abhi ke liye bas itna hi... Now will come back here next year only.. Vese what are your plans to enjoy new year? I am sitting on my laptop and talking/chatting idiots like me(Psycho right now)...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old time: Doordarshan

Now on television there are lots of reality shows, thriller shows, normal saas bahu programs and many other junk shows. But this was not similar 20 years back. Earlier, either when television was not so developed or when few channels were on air, there was less scope of throwing junk at the audience. In that era, in spite of having lesser amount of air time, diverse genre were telecasted.

Until Zee TV had not reached the rural junta, we were fond of DD1, or in other words we were dependent of DD1. On DD I was fond of few specific programs. I think Sunday was my favourite day. I used to watch programs through out the day.

Every Sunday morning 7.15 Rangoli used to cover all latest and classic songs. Once Rangoli was over we were asked to take bath and have breakfast. Once done it was time for chadrakanta, a story of princess deeply in love with the prince of Vijaygarh. DD had pulled out the telecast before completing the series, so I never come across the end of this series. After chandrakanta it was time for Indian superhero Shaktiman, who used to fight with evils to save the world from dark. Malgudi days, an awesome treat to watch, used to follow it. Then few more interesting mythological, and classic shows were telecasted back to back. At 1PM DD used to telecast NEWS for deaf and dumb people. After a while it was time for Shammy Kapoor or Amitabh's movie. Ending time of the movie  used to clash with our playing time, but with little coordination of the friends we used to watch weeping sequence or action sequence of the movie. Once back from most important work, we were again infront of TV searching clues of murder mystry with Mr Vyomkesh Bakshi, who used to solve every non socialistic mystery with his extra ordinary mind. This was general routine for Sunday excluding inevitable last time changes.

Apart from Sunday's telecast there were few big shows on DD. Shanti was my one among my favourites, watching Mandira Bedi fighting with world for her rights was treat to my aunts and me. If I remember Mohan Kapoor's Office-Office series was also started from DD. Few programs which I can not really remember were also in my must watch list and I used to enjoy big time.

As with time things changes and people get to know more about world. Same happened with us. Zee was introduced on our cable. Zee replaced DD and things changed. Now rangoli was replaced with Top 10 with additional spice. Ramayan was more idealistic so Zee chose Krishna to idealize and other things were changed. Zee also brought different variety. Hum Panch, story of husband stuck between one wife hanged on wall and other on neck and father of 5 female monsters, was always enjoyable. Then I do not remember much apart from one that I always wanted to see and could not ever watch on TV.

First horror show, in the history of Indian television, Zee Horror Show was introduced. I used to hear a lot about it from people in my school. They used to talk about the story and thrill of the horror. I myself decided to have a look on the show. I prepared myself to watch the show with whole family as it was famous in my family as well. The show used to start with the cat's voice. That was it. I heard the sound of cat and never ever watched Zee horror show. I was so frightened that it took almost 2 hours to settle my nerves down. After almost 16 years I watched few episodes of it on youtube and found out how silly i was to get so scared with such an idiotic and childish horror.

Anyways law also forbid to punish a minor, so as I forgiven myself for such a childish act. But that television era has left permanent spots in memory which are not yet faded a little and I do not think they will fade down further.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tea Breaks

In India tea breaks, with colleagues, are the part of our job. We are not paid only for working but apart from our work there are lot other factors which contribute to our compensation. Few of those factors are gossips@work place, unworthy meeting, town hall meetings to present nothing but some figures to stop people from leaving company, idiotic boring and unnecessary product trainings (To hamper the confidence of a person who is already working on same product for past 6 year) and tea breaks. There are chances to avoid few of these factors by displaying affection to your work but it is inevitable to avoid Tea-Breaks. Not that you want to invite acidic problems by sipping more and more coffee but the depth of these discussions pull you out of your seat. These breaks are funny, knowledgeable (At times you get to know about the new entrants in office. :) ), harsh, and few of these discussions are not categorized.

In general these discussions erupt based on crowd. When you are coming with colleagues including team lead or manager you got to talk about sports i.e. Cricket, Hockey, Football, CWG, you talk about cars in the market, pollution, population, crowd on the road, places to visit around Karnataka, some philosophy, some debates, pulling someone's leg, photography, driving, movies, songs, player, composer, director, festivals and many more interesting topic. Moreover these discussions keep repeating with the time and new facts keep emerging.

Oh there are times when your TL and manager do not accompany you, it is time to discuss company, its future, our compensation, manager, work, TL, plans for MBA, plans for leaving company (Though no one reveals it), HR policies and rarely general discussions. In a way these discussions are as interesting as discussing cricket in public as everyone is indulged in it from core of his heart.

Apart from these groups there is one more group, called office friend (Group where you can crib about anything to everything... Even about your desperation to have a girl friend.). These creatures have the least number of topics to discuss. For me I end up talking about table tennis, new gals employee, so called chicks, MBA college, disputes and problems within team and manager, Daaru parties and some time trying out plans to explore places around Bangalore.

All these discussions are quite exciting and ice breaking in itself. These tea breaks add lot more different flavors to the boring office life and this is the reason we Indians love them most.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hail Dictator

India is a democratic country. As part of democracy, there are many luxuries which have been assumed as rights. These assumptions are so dominant that differentiating luxury and right becomes difficult to us. For example, to select a leader of a group of 5 people, we vote to choose one. Is it luxury or right? I do not know it. But I have one question; this question keeps me awake for hours.

Would it be possible for us to survive behind invisible bars of slavery? What if someone declares emergency again like Indira Ghandhi did it in 84? How will it (I don’t mean to people lying on road in the blood-pool) impact India? Some dictator or a dictator, would he be able to make us feel prouder on India?

I do not know much but As an Indian, I have lived my whole life in democratic fashion and finding alternative to the democracy is just rubbish thought to me. But on the other hand it feels I have not thought much about country. Did we ever thought; what is this democracy? Is not this more similar to a puppet, who is handled by few illiterate, chauvinistic and corrupt people (I think most of you will not agree with me)?

So Instead of choosing Indian destiny on caste, religion, region, money and reputation, if a intelligent dictator chooses right peoples to march; India may grow fast enough to catch the developed economy. There will be less strikes, dharnas, road blocks, and stone pelting. Person in power will command all the departments.  Functioning of government will be centralized. All the order will pass from one side and executed thoroughly without execution delays and headless errors. It is just the start, there are others thousand more things which will grow, develop, resolve and evolve.

I will close this post without counter arguing. I will continue this in next post.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saina: Does she have potential to fight with Cricketer?

Saina Nehwal is in news for past 1 month. Besides performing her career best, she has achieved what most of athletes or sport persons could not achieve. Earlier it was heart breaking to see a very small space provided to her Chennai open win. Story of her second tourney win occupied the same amount of space and media kept its promise by giving the same paper on her third win as well. But it was fascinating to see the awareness of people in India. 

Besides not getting the deserving coverage, there were thousands of people who reached to receive Miss Champ. It was more appreciable as media did not provoke these applauses; these applauses were from people of India who made Saina a shining star. Here onward media started to unearth her detail most of the media could grab her daily routines and health diets. Government placed her in the elite league by presenting her the biggest sport medal. 

But will this be a break for her? There are sports which pop up in the middle of nowhere to claim the limelight but this shine fades in front of Indian cricketing Community.

Saina has done well to reach to the number 2 and most importantly she could take her name to common people. But her success poses few difficult questions to answer. 

First question, would she able to survive and digest the limelight? There are 10s of examples where it took time for sport persons to digest the sudden glamour and most of them just slipped into the trap of glamour. Saina is also a human being, so it is okay to slip once but if she is able to stand up after first slipping then it is not difficult for her to ride and enjoy the glamour.

Second question, would her future efforts pose the threat of switching sport dharma? In my opinion in this era it is possible. People are exhausted with the extreme cricket and their exhaustion can prompt them to get rid of loyalty of cricket.

These 2 questions are somehow related to each other and answers depend on Saina's performance. Now if she wants to depict herself as the survivor (From media fame) as well as reformer (new trends of sport), she has to curb all difficulties to follow the same road map that has given her this glory. I do not know future but I can just wish the young lady and expect her to break all the records created in the history of badminton.

Best of luck Saina.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ghoda Ki Shadi

One month back, Sidharth Gaurav Nayak aka Ghoda called to announce that he is tying the knot. Ghoda is first from computer group to tie the knot. I was happy because as per the expectations I was one to marry first but it was him, victim of traditions. Apart from this I was happy with the thought of attending a marriage after 8 years…

Time passed and it was 1st July. Tickets to Bhubneswar were booked. We shopped a little. Gaurav bought couple of shirts and one Kurta, the amusing fact about kurta was it had 50 odd shiny stars and 20 odd sparkling Moons.

2nd July morning, everything was on track, we reached airport and deported to BBW and after few hours we landed … Ghora, who claimed to have booked the cab to pick us up, told us to get a cab for hotel… kamin sala. After a short journey, all of us were there in a hotel room chatting about present, future and unforgettable past.

It was Nikasi time; all drinkers and nondrinker were out in open in front of Ghodi that Ghoda was riding. Our dance steps, which were undiscovered till now, were not funny at all…JJ I remember trying Nagin dance though it was not successful enough. I wonder why not Bollywood choreographers include those steps in their choreography. Sidharth Gaurav Nayak had confused smile on his face, I do not know was he happy for a companion who will bear him for life time or unhappy for losing the freedom. Being the selfish bump, I dint care much about his state, I kept dancing and enjoying the moments…

Time of Jaymala, bride tried hard to put the garland in the right neck (Ghoda’s neck) whereas for ghoda the task was little easier than fetching a cock from a cage. We took some snaps with smiling couple. Now it was time for dinner so we left the blessed couple behind to spread more smile and headed toward dinner tables.
There were vendors trying to finish their stalls as soon as possible. There were numerous options but best was Gulab Jamun. I reached to the stall and asked for one, guy asked me Bhaiya lo, and


Oh it was my alarm and I was still sleeping… It was 7.30 AM and flying time is 11. As I found it is little early to get up so took nap for few more minutes. Few minutes were not hostile. But Cost of our extreme laziness was 2 hours and we started at 9.30… Now it was the race with time and it was extremely difficult to keep the pace with it. Gaurav hired Meru cab and cab started at 10.00 from Dairy Circle. All hopes of winning were replenished but sooner Mr. Driver suggested it will take atleast an hour to reach the airport… What?

Bhaiya, Mera flight hai@11.05... Sir mein try karta, 5 minute pahle pahunchte 11o’clock. Now environment was little tense but I was calm. According to me Mr. Driver was trying smart, he was keeping little time in case of unprecedented events. Our cab was speeding; speeding beyond the permissible limit toward airport whereas warning to slow it down was ignored couple of times…
As promised we reached at 5 to 11.00AM. I rushed to the check-in counter. I still had hopes and banged at Kingfisher counter.

Your flight has departed… what? Departed? What are you talking about? There are 10 minutes left. Can’t you do something? Sir I can reschedule your tickets for tomorrow… Tomorrow? What will I do tomorrow? Will ghoda remarry tomorrow for me? Sir nothing is possible, please leave the way for others… thank you very much…

From the incident I learnt, every unsuccessful attempt is synonymous to never tried as I could not convince anyone that I missed the flight.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have been in Bangalore for the past 4 years. Out of these four years, I spent almost 2 years 9 months just in one house. But after leaving my first house, I have not rested for a single day. Every day brings new NEWS consequently every NEWS turns into multiple tensions and every tension asks to make some undesired changes and As per the human nature it is not possible to adapt or accept those changes in such a short time span but I have tried accepting them rather you could say I am forced to accept them.

In past 15 months of my bangalore stay, I have seen five different locations of south Bangalore.

First location was kormangala, it was my first destination in Bangalore. Here in Kormangala I spent memorable moments of Bangalore. Then I had to leave this place for once and forever.

My second destination was Taverikeri. This place is most miserable place I have ever lived. Our flat was luxurious and most importantly owner of our own TT Table was the biggest luxury for all of us. But at the same time world outside was full of miseries. Stinky place, smelly lanes, busy roads and no restaurants were the few among its various fascinating features of this area. Here I stayed for 4-5 months. People started relocating to other cities hence their intercity relocations had caused my intra city relocation.

From Taverikeri I moved to Jaynagar 9th block. Jayanagar is a better place than Taverikeri. Big Bazar, Central Mall, market and all others amenities were on a walking distance from my house. I did not face any issue except few bedbugs. Some nights I had to wake up and stop donating my blood for these blood sucking bastards. Those Sundays, which were fixed for DEATH BY CHOCOLATE (Corner House - Jaynagar 9th Block.), are still in memories.

These sunny and happy days did not live long, and I moved to JP Nagar's forests. As it was a forest so everything was out of the accessible parameters. Whether it is restaurant or a shopping complex, none of them was near to our building. As my latest X-Room mate cum X-Colleague is moving out of Bangalore, it was mandatory to find a new place and new people.

Now I am residing in BTM Layout 2nd stage. Here house is good, everything is nearby and people do not look like leaving so Lets see how things go ahead.

It is been long and tiring journey for the last few months. It looks like my life has become a life of a NOMAD.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guhantra: WMS Official Party

Sterling is facing a liquidity crunch, which implies no more team parties for us with sterling money. So, burdon of arranging a party was on our recession hit pockets, which will surely burn a hole, if there is not one. In these dire conditions few enthusiastic people find reasons to impact economy more :(. Madhav is leaving and it is a tradition to arrange farewell for the parting person, so here is the reason :) :). 

After fierce and extensive discussions we booked Guhantra resort to spend out Friday evening. Guhantra ,which means inside the cave, has all the indoor activities inside the cave. Along with caves you should expect little more. You may expect few stones in Beach volleyball court, bulls-eye marked with chalks, unmanaged grass, lots of mosquitoes’, non ac dance floor, and 1KM bullock ride.
Entrance Cave

Guhantra entrance is one of about 100 meters long cave and which opens into a big nice auditorium. The auditorium has bar, dance floor, water fall, swimming pool filled with dirty water and food court. Besides, there are a few outdoor activities and one nice swimming pool. 

Me in Auditorium

After finishing the resort tour with our guide we started with beach volleyball. As we were all novice, so initially it was difficult to keep the ball in the court and due to enormous wide open area near the court, time spent to fetch the ball was more than time spent to play the game. With every passing minute, game matured and people started holding the ball in the court at least for 3-4 passes. After an hour drunkards became conscious of loosing time in unimportant activities (Drinking is only important activity to them) so the game halted. 

Starting days

Running to Fetch the ball

Waiting for Ball to come

Gins also ran too much to fetch the ball
Now it was time for short archery session. Here Ekesh topped the chart whereas Hari grabbed bottom position. For Hari, it took skilled advice from 3 persons and 10+ wasted shots to hit first correct shot. 

Ekesh the best in archery

Snacks included tea, pakora and philosophical discussion/gyan. After snacks, few of us marched toward pool and rest began the big daaru session. 

Pool water was clean and none other than us was there to spoil our party. From the group of 5 people 4 knew swimming. This time I was at the receiving end. Every skilled swimmer was trying to explore the fundamentals of swimming. I think though I could not learn it but I can surely write a book named "Learn swimming in 30 minutes". Having Beer in the pool was more fun. This fun session was called off for dinner session. 

Resting at Swimming pool
We reached the audi and to our astonishment there were some 20+ empty Beer bottles. I joined the party and started consuming Beer at much speed, to account for the lost time. At around 9 o'clock we started dancing on some songs. Dancing, Drinking Beer and eating Roti were the processes of one complete round and I completed such numerous rounds.

Party was due for an ending but people were not ready to leave(as if if they ever are!!). So it took some time to move people out. Finally all of us were there in respective cars.

I do not know what I told and said but believe me, I loved the feeling of getting out of senses though I do not want to repeat it as we all know precious things lose the charm if they are attained much number of time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally Sterling met to its destiny

Few weeks back one colleague told me about the probability of sterling commerce's acquisition. But it was not possible for me to figure out the reason behind IBM's motto of buying and AT&T's intentions of selling. On the contrary it was my fear that ignored the facts which were strongly signaling the forthcoming unexpected changes.

Few weeks passed without any significant events. One such general day I reached office at my usual timings. There was something fishy in the environment. People were standing in groups and they were discussing something which was still unknown to me. As per the human nature my curiosity had already been reached to 100th time. I sat down, opened laptop, started outlook and read all the mails.

Oops I dint find anything unusual, Okay let me ask reason for such unexpected activities at the floor. My TL predicted the possibility of an announcement in the Sterling worldwide meeting which happens on last Friday of each month. Speculations were heating up, gossips were increasing and rumours were spreading. Though it was impossible to predict the flow of the events but to in line these events sterling pantry was filled with max possible groups.

Finally meeting started. The first shock, IBM big guns were accompanying Sterling's bosses. People were clueless and they were hushing. We all had idea and no one wanted to believe until the announcement was official. People were praying of an announcement about a business tie up with IBM.

Sooner or later dream were to be broken. Meeting started with Steven Auldts, VP Sterling commerce, who was anchoring the meeting. After his first few words, he showed the reality to the people and announced the merger (merger: Big fish eating small fish J ) of Sterling Commerce and IBM.

Oh I was Sterlite when I joined the meeting, and now I am an IBMer since I left the meeting.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bangalore No More heaven for me

Few years back Bangalore was heaven to live. People/Friends were there to hang out with, few had more time, noon were not as hotter. Everything was just like living your dream time with your own hard earned money.

Now things have changed. Noon is exposed to more UV rays than earlier, College friends have chosen their destiny. As part to their decisions either they moved to other states or re-entered to colleges or could not find time as they need to fulfill their other important commitments.

Am I happy with this life? :(:(:(

Hmmmm, nice question :)... As we always say there are pros and cons for everything. Are there any pros? Oh surely there are, I can list few. My manager who never expected me to work 8 hours now expect me to code for 15 hours a day because I spend more time in office rather spending it at home. So chances of getting good rating has enhanced a lot. I can read more books(It rarely happened) at home. I can learn new technologies(Techie thought). I can learn some instrument(Oops no music sense), write more blogs(Poor in talks), talk to people more on phone(Oops noone calls me as well) and may be because I am not surrounded by guys anymore; I can find a partner(No good girl in my circle) for me.

Oh I never thought there can be so many advantages :( :(. I know I know I am bullying a lot but...

Oh what are the cons of the whole migrations? Hmmm, I don't find people to hang out with, people to fight with, people to argument(mostly nonsensical manner) with . I think this is what matters most to live the happy life. Now if I have to go out to shop, i have to think 10 times and but there was a time, when people used to ask and I used to deny as I had been to market twice earlier in the day. So all in all I miss a lot of things wwhich is named Bak*****.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Muththathi - 11 April 2010 - Continue

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Now no nosense, all this will make sense.

We were 8(Srikanth, Gautham, Mitalee, Soumaya, Om, 2More and me), all were ready to trek and enjoy the heat of mountain. There were 7 peaks, and we decided to hoist our flag on all the peaks. Our glucose level was very high. It was a 3 hours trip but the trip was under the surveillance of sun god,
who was producing more heat than normal. (Dude, I have one important question - How the hell does Sun god know that I am going out to trek?  Shhhh he never let me trek, I was still praying, he will prey some
other group today).

There we were, are we? All of us did not know if this is the right place?

We verified as well. Oops there we were, next to a shrine, next to a hill station and near a river (ravine or I should say dam - Place where water smells as stagnated water). As there were no clear pictures of the hill tops, no clear ways to travel up to enjoy trekking, so the verification was the continuous process. First step

toward the journey was to cross Kavery, vehicle was a circular boat and driver was a 10 year old kid. In the mid of the stream our boat was little unbalanced and we were scared. Dude what is the depth here? How many of us know swimming (For the matter of fact there were 2 swimmers only)? All those questions were remained undiscovered as it was desired and finally we were on the other side of Kavery. Oh did I
tell I helped kid to row down the boat with long hands like pole.

There were two sides to trek up and we choose one. We started horizontally to find the way to trek vertical. We walked and walked horizontally in the heat on the sand, in the treeless forest. Two were down soon. Mitalee and Soumya seated under a Banyan tree and rest of us walked to find way up. We walked one more mile and our patience also went down. Here we found only one place where stinking water of river was producing sound effects(Somewhat similar to fall). To reduce down(omit) the tiredness and heat we spent few minutes at the same location. But all was in vain. We came back under the Banyan tree. There we had snacks brought by Mitalee and while eating I figured out my hands were still recovering from the smell of stinking water.

Okay It was over, we returned to our cab and moved to Bangalore. For me it was the worst trip of my lifetime. Stinking River, unfamiliar smell, treeless forest and horizontal trekking was the achievements of
the journey. May be it was the bad timings, but I would suggest if you want to enjoy the day then stay away from Muththathi and if this does not scare you then you are worth the place like us.

Muththathi - 11 April 2010

On Apr 9th, Friday, my colleagues forced me to plan to go out. They (I am included) were exhausted with the work pressure (Hard work put up@ TT/Foosball) and heat waves (Truly hot) of Bangalore. Somewhere out??? Dude, you guys could have told me before; now I have committed my Saturday. But their thirst to go out was so unquenchable that I had to accept their proposal***.

*** Conditions apply: Trip was trimmed down to one day and we had to find place near to Bangalore.

Now time to finalize the place. We got few places which were were spread out over several categories. Few of the categories got interesting comments like this. Shrine was the place where people could have lost their Jawani ('chiiii, Bhari Jawani me sadhu nahi banna chahati mein'). One guy could have failed his history exams because of Archeological Places listed(Before each history exam I used to be in dilemma - 'Akbar Auranjeb ka baap tha yah Auranjeb Akbar ka'). Dams were short of water (Shhhh, what will we do there? Machi pakdenge pure din). Hill Station was too tiring for people who had already put extra pounds (Mera BF patla ho jayega).  Birds sanctuaries dint have charm (I do not have interest in watching chidiya bird, ohhh birds are there around - Though my company does not have many arrre bhai any...)

Anyways after whole set of comments, arguments, advices, and place promotions it was fixed. Oops here it came, the place unanimously (Dint find any good competition) selected was Muththathi (It took exactly 10 days to pronounce it correctly.). Others preparations were booking the cab (booked late Saturday night), getting the road map (Nobody had any idea) and getting something to eat (Oops thanks to Mitalee, with this act she improved her gal quotient in my eyes). Okie dokie, lots of nonsense, come to the point. Oh this blog is growing. Ok I will split it here. Arre one more click please.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hope this change will not change

For past few years we all had lost sense of any game other than cricket. We ate, slept, drank and even worked cricket. The whole nation was traumatized with cricket. But, due to some astonishing performances in recent past, we have been recovering from the state of trauma. Let it be either tennis diva mirja or speed master kathik or badminton ace Saina or snooker champion Advani or grand master Vishvanathan, we all talk about them. We all managed to sneak on their activity and get time to discuss about them. Media started showing what Indians are doing in those sports. So it feels refreshing to see media, people, and papers to talk, discuss, analyze, and argument about sports not cricket.

Currently we Indians are witnessing the Hockey world Cup. What a cup it had been for Indian hockey team. Though they were not able to carry forward the initiative taken in the first game against Pakistan, but they have given hopes to Indian hearts. I have seen people, at my work place, talking about S-A-I-N-D-E-E-P, talking about B-H-A-A-R-A-A-T and many other players, many other teams, many other techniques. Though they were neither experts nor players but there was heat in their words, there was passion in their arguments, it is same heat and the same passion which were always reserved for cricket. The way media and Celebes have promoted, people have cheered, we have watched the hockey it seems we have left behind the reservations of cricket and started giving place to other wonderful games in our heart.

It would not be surprising to see more Indians world champs soon in each and every sport. It is not deniable that support any other game with the spirit of cricket is impossible but adoring other games may lead to change of luck for us in other games also which is a very pleasant change for Indian sports.