Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chikmagloor Trip - Day 2

Next day Psycho started his day with early morning walk in the chikmagloor's dense forests. Among us, few were still struggling to fetch unproductive sleep for few more seconds and rests were getting ready for Manikyadhara Falls. We took some nice shots of wild flowers and plants which were fresh like us at the start of the day.

We drove to down hills and after a small distance driver told us to hire a Gypsy as it was not possible for him to drive further. WTF, why can not you go? But as instructed, we hired it to reach to the falls. So hiring the Gypsy was the beginning of the most troubling road journey.
Our downhill road was little like road featured in Mountain Dew Ad campaign (Darr ke age jeet hai...). The road did not have concrete dammar path, whole path was rocky and above to that Mr. Driver was taking sharp turns as though Schumacher was driving his Ferrari in Chikmagloor GP. All of us could not enjoy the green on the roadsides to keep our head away from Gipsy's roof. While driving Michael pointed out the little stream of water, which was suppose to be most charming fall @ Chikmagloor. I was asking myself, did I waste so much of my energy for such a tiny stream of water? Was it a repetition of Waynad's abby falls? Why on earth I came to see this fall. But there was no return, so we kept rolling down the hill. Finally Mr. Schumacher stopped 2KM away from the fall and asked us to walk.

Manikyadhara fall was in middle of dense forest. Environment was so calm that running water was also creating a rhythm and Ashish sanyaas plans were straightening more. In such a peaceful jungle we crossed rivers, crossed big stones and finally reached to the spot. By now I was tasted from 3 blood sucking leeches. Seeing these stuck to my legs, girls screamed first, I almost jumped, gulti lost his motion (Most scared too). It was terrible to see these species sticking to your body and sucking your blood. You could not just take a second to throw it away.
Finally our jungle walk was finished; we were in front of the fall. To see the height we need to stretch our neck 60*, such a huge fall in the wild (Can’t be at my home for sure :)).

Thanks to our early morning efforts the fall belonged to us for next couple of hours (We were the only and lonely group there). Rocks were slippery, Water was freezing and wind was adding spice into it. But it took few thoughts to enter into the water. ASA I could get a place, I was welcomed with a splash of water on my face, in the same way I replied without loosing a second.
Garima, Vidushi were just sitting and video tapping five half naked guys :).
Wild has a problem, it makes people Jungly. So in its effect we were screaming, shouting and enjoying the moments there. After spending couple of hours the wildness came to an end. We returned back to our car in an hour.
Next destination was the Karnataka’s highest point. First we targeted highest peak seen from the parking. It took few minutes to reach to the peak.

That's it, is it? So were we standing 1926 Mt's above sea? No clouds, nothing like so high, where are we? I dint have either an inch tape or a barometer to measure the height, but I looked around to find out, am I on the summit of the mountain? No, this was not it; there is one more peak which is higher, a lot higher. So we still had lot to cover. Psycho did not have courage to move, but it was impossible to return without meeting to the clouds. We convinced vidushi to accompany us, so psycho was alone and bound to come. Here we started, first rolled down, then climbed up, climbed more and was reducing the gap with the summit.
We were above Clouds, breeze was cold and wet. Would you believe we had our lunch at the highest point of Karnataka? Locals there inaugurated one temple there and were distributing Prasad. Our lunch of the day was biryani with pachranga pickle (Truly earned lunch: P).

we were still few stairs away from peak. After lunch break journey was resumed. We were walking in the clouds and Clouds, that were covering the whole place, were growing denser. Downhill view was just stunning. My words may not be able to fill the cavity between what I watched and what I wrote but that experience of watching the world from this height was great. We stayed there for a little gossip and took some souvenir pictures before returning back to the parking place.

There was nothing much left in folks, so moved to Bangalore. On the way we had our dinner at chikmagloor that was sponsored by ashish, reached back to Bangalore 11 o'clock in the night. Chikmagloor trip was a great trip, all the members of the trip had great time together and at least I did.
I am looking forward for next trip very soon in future. More pics

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trip to Chikmagloor

Can you u imagine the trip after 3 years of college with college friends? Reviving your college memories is always an enlightening experience. All of you (Trip crew) know each other from the deep root level. So such trips, with college geeks, remain memorable and fresh through out your life.
It was Thursday night. Kunal reached home, we opened Google, searched tourist places near Bangalore, and found 3 probable destinations. Gulti with his little experience finalized our future for next two coming days. We all were set except few hiccups, like Psycho, did not want to come with out his friend vidushi, vidushi could not come without any other girl.
I do not think there is any need of introduction with all big guns. Vishal me, Gulti the exitincting species, rajhans saint, kunal evergreen, psycho sharmila, vidushi our new listing in friends, Garima my sister.

We planned to leave Bangalore at 7, but because of Bangalore’s morning traffic, our car arrived 5 hours late. Dude, Gulti's eyes were boiling in rage. I did not know what is going to happen to our driver. I was thinking Gulti should settle the things in little arguments. Once driver reached, he fired up, and he asked, "Kya bhaiyyyya, itni der kahan laga di, traffic mein fans gaye the kya" :). That’s all really.
Trip was started at 12 and our first stop was a temple (Name: I am still thinking :)). We all did not enter into the temple, and none of us had courage to climb down approximately 100 stairs. So we planned to ease our self and find the fall's starting point. Here the wildness of ashish woke up (Some time our saint behaves like a rahul Roy in Junoon.).

One decent guy told us that this water is coming up from top of the hill and hill top is just 300 meters above. So here it started. Water, mud, Stone, big stone we crossed everything on the way, just opposite to water flow.

We completed one KM, no peak nearby, we completed 2 KM's still no peak (Was the peak also walking with us???-RVG can only answer this...AGYAT-2). Gals behind us were just to faint, then my conscience woke and I asked Rajhans to halt, who was not willing to stop his journey in the excitement of discovering something unknown/unseen. Kind hearted Ashish finally decided to adjourn his tracking all because of those poor gals, who were at the verge of surrendering the courage with which they started their passion to accompany us on such a difficult track. Now we choose the safer path to move little up in the forest. But there were no stairs to reach at top, Psycho tried searching in each direction (Actually he lost the directions so he was wandering here and there). Finally we all gave up finding source of water. All of the sudden, Gulti's weird imagination went into Stone Age and started putting off his cloths (:))... Gulti wanted to cover his whole body with leaves and woods. Thank God, gals were there with us. Otherwise Gulti ka name bhi "Patte Wale Baba" hi hota (God with leaves).

Oh yeah, how can I forget, Kunal successfully saved one tree there from us. he saved it by giving it a big hug. So this was little forest trip.

After wandering in the forest we marched ahead to find the place for spending the night, as sun started hiding and announcing the EOD. We found one lodge and lodge manger informed about unavailability of the rooms. Where will we go? Will we need to spend our night in mogali (Jungle Book hero) mode? Kunal was quick enough to start making friends, Ashish started dowsing (Got chance to sleep in nature.), Gulti started talking in Gulti with driver (Jugaaaaad), Psycho was shell shocked and gals were cool. I was the one who still had some guts to talk with the rishwatkhor manager and manager came up with two vacant room and we got place to spend our night. After dinner, it was walk time. Dark night, no lights, no men on the streets, some screams, some wild sounds, on such a horrified road we were walking in the direction of nowhere. Will we become the inspiration of RVG's next movie? After 20 minutes, we headed back toward lodge. We all settled down and talked about college, college friends, achievements (Who all could manage to escape from marriage till now, who all could manage to find a gal and run with her and few talks were about jail... etc).

12 AM, Ashish became the victim of atrocities(It was his b'day, and we did bumped someone's a** for a long time. Poor ashish :(). It is night, got to get a nap.
Good night.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Road to Where???

Development, progress, and growth these synonyms are more associated with developing countries than developed one. Today developed nations are secure enough to feed their people and take care of their needs, but developing countries are still struggling to feed their people. Apart from all these, developing countries are marching ahead, crushing the needs of their citizens, in the desperate attempt to reduce the gap with developed territories. Have we ever thought what are we loosing to reduce that margin? What have we achieved from these developments? Is our progress mocking the saying "To Gain, first you need to Loose."?

Today I read one article that was covering the story of protest held in Delhi by the farmers to claim their agricultural land from big entrepreneurs. This article took to me 2 year back, when I had discussion with my roomies about the building path of progress. Their thinking was to rule out such demands without delay as they are the road blocker in the path of development. According to them it is not possible to keep 1 billion happy at the same time. To make progress possible, the Indian government has to take such harsh decisions. To achieve the progress developed nation had followed the same trajectory, then why should not we follow the known path?

Now, are the comparisons between developed and developing nation fair enough? When comparing two countries, why do not we look at the infrastructure/resources possessed by each country? For the matter of the fact, USA is the 3rd biggest country in the world, while Indian continental total field area does not even stand in top 5, and the people using that piece of land is in 1:10 ratio. The land available to one person of USA is equal to the land utilized by 100 Indians. Wookay, Why to compare with the extreme, china is also developing faster than India. Then why not compare with china? China and India both overpopulated countries, but the land available for 1 Chinese is equivalent to 2 Indians. So in china too richness of resources, area available is far better than Indian Territory.

Lets just consider the Land requirement for the purpose of development; land is the resource which is the starting point of new set of troubles. Indian Rural population is marching toward cities to find a job, because either there land were snatched or were bought in the lower prices by big guns which is resulting in demolition of agricultural India. As land of agriculture is reducing, it is leading to less grain production, asking for high import of grains, so in few years we will be eating imported floor. Won’t it be a luxury? Poor will loose their jobs. So India will move further, but along with the increasing burden of problems.

Guys, I am not really against the industrialization, but why are we chasing the external dragon, even if our internal dragon may swallow the country soon? Do not we have some moderate path which will not save us from destruction marching us to the construction?