Monday, June 29, 2009


In office all of a sudden this discussion was sparkled. We could not finish this debate there, so I thought of sharing it. The question was, are Muslims more Aggressive/Ill tempered in compare to other communities?

I will leave this on you to decide. in our discussion one answer was hanging in between of other two generally acceptable answers which was supporting both sides by stating that Muslims are chauvinistic about religion. So anything stated against there religious believes turns them aggressive.

I was on the side of NO. My thinking says it is all about teaching they have got in their journey of life. For example, In our rural areas, Muslims kids are sent to study in Madrases where center of their studies are narrowed down to teach hating people other than Muslims. Most of the part of their teaching is, "what is bad in others?" which is a negative start of life. If someone other than Muslim would have brain washed in the same way, it would have been the same results. So in whole If someone is kept apart from the world, providing him the knowledge of X-factors only, then the person will get plenty of time to process and understand the X-factors. Any human being can be moulded to become aggressive if situations are contradictory to those X-factors. There are muslims who have learnt with us in the same school where we have learnt. Can we figures out the differences between them and us?

It is true in current scenario "Ismal's modified studies" are posing the threat of extinction to Human being. But these studies are introduced by people who do not want others to know positive of society. Looking at the difference of change seeker's and Orthodox's, there is a need of prophet's reincarnation. He only can lead them to teach and learn the positives of Islam instead of negatives of others. That can bring peace to human breed.