Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day with my Childhood

When I was a child I used to think why can I not grow faster so that I can earn a hell lot of money. That wish was fulfilled, just in a short time span, I became a grown young man. Now I wish why did I wish to earn the money? Sometimes I miss those mischief's that were part of my childhood. But we can only miss. We can feel those stupid things in children game, playing next door. Some time I want to be part of those mischief's.

Last weekend, 18th Oct 2008, I got the opportunity to engulf myself in the act of those stupidities. I and Rajhans volunteered in one of the events organized for school children near RT Nagar. Those Kids were 1st – 2nd standard kids who were hardly 5-8 years old. They had god gifted sweetness.

We were 9 volunteers who took part in the event, and we all were having tasks, assigned to us already. There were 2 teams of volunteers and 2 teams of kids, having 20 kids each. It finally started. People worked hard to bring those activities on the paper and charts. Lakshmi who surprised us with her motivation and hard work in creating charts, was leading the Treasure Hunt. Then after treasure hunt there was a game in which bacha-party were suppose to burst the balloons of others. I myself burst a few balloons. I was the winner though I didn’t get any prizes (:()... (I burst the balloon of the winners :P).

We started with the first group. Children's enthusiasm to play and understand the treasure hunt was inexpressible. The chart provided to me had 3 pictures each one of train, pig, calf (Kids had to tell me those name in kannada and then they will write it down on the paper from which we will conclude our first clue). I was told those three names in kannada, but I needed a few more words to communicate with those bachas, So one school teacher (Hema) helped me. Finally when they got the clue we ran like P T Usha, roaring like we won the game, our clue was hidden in the tree. We ran, ran hard here and there, in search of the clue, and finally Srinivas found that hanging on the leaf of the tree. We got next clue which was a church. So we need to figure out where the golden key was hidden near the church. We all ran 5-6 times all around the church and finally we could not win, why? Cause Ashish's team had found it. Koi nahi. Next event was bursting balloons. Now those 20 children were divided in two groups of 10 each. We stung the balloon on their ankles. They all were running to burst others’ balloons. None of them was really concerned about theirs’. So it paid to some of them. It was fun watching them and bringing them near to each other so that instead of running competition they can participate in bursting competition.

Oh didn’t I talk about second group, they were busy in pottery. They were designing different kinds of pots. Few pots were not able to stand properly, few did not have base. I made the best out of that, I made one bowl having the spoon popping out of the middle.(I know it is hard to imagine but you will love it once I will post the pictures.).

We followed the same sequence of events after the break. Now the group we took over earlier was busy in pottery and other group was with us. This time my team won in treasure hunt. Please do not ask how? In the second treasure hunt I was running with the key and children were following me. Once I stopped they all surrounded me. It was the trap from the honeybees to kill masoom Vishal. The eagerness of clinching the key in children was superb.

Once both the groups were finished, we danced on some kannnada songs. Dude!! you did not see the astounding performance of the kids there. The move of their bodies was failing the move of Hrithik. Seeing such a splendid performance was a wonderful experience. I never thought of dancing in my childhood. Even now I cannot dance. But those guys were superb.

So after running, laughing, scolding, dancing with the kids I was pumped up with more energy. The interaction with my childhood could not be better than this event. Thanks to Vibha, for providing me such an opportunity.

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