Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is this that straight?

The world is under the threat of terror. Now it seems like humanity is hanging just at the edge of cliff, one push and all will be history. But beside all these facets, Indians are facing worst of it. After efforts of decades, we are facing the issues that were faced at the time of separation. Neither the people living across the border took the breath of peace neither we have seen the sun rise in its own color (Sun is always bloody) :(.

I am not keen to give information about the bomb blasts happened in the past, but my real concern is about the trend that is being followed in current blasts. With each blast the terrorist group takes the claim. They give us the cause also. They tell the Indians, what wrong we (Indians) are doing with them. I feel this trend is more scary than the earlier. Why?

As claimed, Indian Mujahiddin is behind all these terror outlets. This terror group sends their verdicts to NEWS channels. (They do not choose government to disclose their letter. may be afraid of government. Perhaps Indian government will act faster). Without even giving the second thought, our media shows these mails as the verdict of god. Our faithful NEWS editors publish each word of the letter without even a slightest modification into it. (If they change the words then they will deceive the readers. is not it?) . Now question comes, what is wrong in all this? Media is perfect in handling their job. They are covering the blast well. They are showing the letters without breaching our RIGHT TO KNOW.

Yesterday when i read the mail published in the paper, My sympathy disappeared for the community. The faith and friendship obsoleted for my friends. But as soon as i got my conscience back i regretted over my stupidest thought.

Master mind is not just triggering the panic but it is blocking the mind too. It is crystal clear, who ever is behind the scene, is not targeting the death toll they are targeting peace of mind. Target is our social harmony. The aim is not to serve their Community, beside that they are planting the bombs in the heart of people to blast humanity. Yes, the target is to invoke next riots. Which may be similar to Mumbay, or may be Gujrat or may become more brutal. This time if something burns then it will not be only bombay, it will not be only delhi, This time Our whole nation will take part in genocide. The whole india will burn in the fire of communal ism, and in provoking this fire our media will also be the accomplice.

Here I am not saying to stop searching the culprits. I am not saying media should stop showing the reports. But something can be controlled to stop helping the terrorist. They are using us for there own purposes. They are not only spreading panic, but with panic they are spreading hate, In which, each body of our media is helping them. I do not know what our government can do for that? But i know one thing that our journalist are not such stupid fellows who can work as puppets to militants. So STOP IT!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Journey to Hospital

A Journey can lead to any place.. Just get out of home and start walking. That walk will again be a Journey. But to make a journey to the hospital, it takes great courage. After facing 2 days of suffering, I chose to walk to the hospital (Does it not seem scary to you to walk to hospital and give your blood to test?). There were hundreds of thoughts that were circulating in my mind, which were increasing the fear-factor. Among them one thought was, what if the doctor says," we found unrecognized disease in your body and what if he adds, your body can be utilised for the experiments.

Anyway i reached the hospital. I got an appointment from the doctor who was supposed to reach the place at 12.30. But as each and every person in India follows the same VERY STANDARD IST. Our mr doc was no more exception. So to compensate DOC's mistake i was told to sit and wait for him. Here I started scanning the patients who were sitting quietly. My scan was over the moment i met with the eye of one girl. There was some relief. Vishal, i do not need to look at the uncles to kill my time. Now if one chik is sitting next to you then you have to show how intellectual you are. So i did the same, i started reading the NEWS-Paper. But it was unbearable to keep digging into the paper when someone hot is sitting next to you(Here I pretended she was hot, I dint examine her till now). So i had a solution, there was one TV set in the waiting room, whenever i wanted to see the chik, i looked at TV set first, then chik and finally paper. Each time i saw her, I reviewed her with patience(To the limits it was possible). This girl was sexy and cute both (Am i hyping more. So what, i have all rights provided to exaggerate the things).

Finally MR. Doc came at 1 o'clock. That guy was looking concerned about the people waiting for him for last 1 hour. And he gave his short lived smile to my new crush (Hun hun Doc bhi biryani ke piche laga hai). Time had come for examination. Nurse came and took my temperature and weight. I was really concerned before stepping on the weighing machine. What if i am under weight and this doc tells me lots of other diseases that are unknown to me. Again i was in the long waiting queue to meet the doctor. Here it was not really frustrating as my latest crush was still sitting.

Anyways, after almost one hour wait It was my turn to add few new name to my English dictionary. He asked one question What happened? i vomited each and every thing that was troubling me for last 2 days. Now he started building a layer of psychological fear. Once he was successful in blocking my mind (Which was already half blocked), he told me to get some tests done and in addition to that he asked me for injection. In that situation i was ready for everything told by my god.

Now it was time for test. The nurse took blood out of my body (Though i have very less to survive). This was not all. Here comes the nurse having needle in her hand. First she took me to a room and here we 2 were alone and she asked me to open my pant [:)]. I was not ready for that but she told me it can only be injected on your bums. He was not ready to change her stance and i was stiff on mine. But finally she had to win with her arguments which were all in kannada (For me it was KALA AKSHAR BHAIS BARABAR - I am Kannadda illiterate). Finally i gave up and my back is still paining (It is more than 12 hours after injection). Meanwhile I saw my 1 hour crush rushing toward the exit gate. I was disappointed and once again my heart was broken.

With my broken heart, coated mind, injected bums and reduced blood i returned back to the home. Oh sorry dint i tell you the money i paid. Let us leave it for now. Now I am waiting for my reports. Guys please pray for me... I know you will pray :)