Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teaching assignment

Teaching, what a fantastic job it is? Enter the room, take the attendance, open the book and ask one of the boys to stand up and read the whole passage. That's all :) Isn't it? Hee hee hee, yah for few teachers it is! Teaching was an activity that I always wanted to do but never wanted it to adopt it as profession. Why not as a profession? As all are aware teaching does not guarantee good money, as some of the other more lucrative jobs, and above to this, I hated 90% of my teachers who ever taught me.

Why did I hate those teachers? Not because they had big tummies, nor because they used to spit like some physics teacher in MAIN HUN NA, But I hated them because they never took their responsibilities seriously. Or worse, they never realized, they are carrying a responsibility. Whenever I look back at my small success I always feel there are some holes that remained open in past and till now I am trying to fill those.

I got the opportunity to take up my first teaching assignment on November 29 in Hope school. Before starting, I had mix feelings - of excitement and tension. It was fear, not of the kids, but of a challenge and a responsibility. The question that were thrilling my conscience was, Will I be able to do my best in the time provided? Will It be possible to convey my knowledge to the kids?Will I be able to do justice to the trust which was shown in me? To add to the woes,I was not well prepared as I had to prepare for the event too.

Before I could take my lecture I had to prepare for a exam and had to revise the whole chapter. Here as soon as I started studying, words started dancing in-front of me. Here, I could realise the fear of Ishan Avasthi(Taare Zameen Par). It did not take me long to realize what it takes to become a Teacher? It is not, like , a IT professional will wake up some day, and will revolutionize the educational way(I thought the same). A teacher has huge responsibility to make children understand the various facet of subject. Without showing their frustration they have to keep repeating the same things again and again. Responsibility, that was assigned to me was little more complicated. For children, English was the bottleneck and in reverse i was not able to decode the script of children who had stronger vocabulary of kannada than Hindi and English. I kicked off my lecture with the discussion on parallel rays. I was far better than what i had thought, I was able to do my best. I was able to to give them the examples. My hands were able to bring light from sun, this hand was able to stop and reflect those light rays. Everything was going smoothly. But for kids it was not as easy as i had estimated. I had to repeat one thing for 5-6 times. Even after that they seemed confused in the examples and definitions. For whole one hour i struggled with them to make them understand very basic concepts of light. I am not sure if they still got hold of that untouchable and unexplainable phenomenon, called LIGHT.

I realized that the job of a teacher is not that easy. He can not go according to the guy who is intelligent or dull. He has to keep all in sync. He has to be creative, quick, Sarvgyani(Knowledgeable), patient, strict, friendly, interactive and responsive. Wow, god, have you taught me these many adjectives for a teacher in a single day.

PS: Thanks to Kunal, he gave the final touch to the blog...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day with my Childhood

When I was a child I used to think why can I not grow faster so that I can earn a hell lot of money. That wish was fulfilled, just in a short time span, I became a grown young man. Now I wish why did I wish to earn the money? Sometimes I miss those mischief's that were part of my childhood. But we can only miss. We can feel those stupid things in children game, playing next door. Some time I want to be part of those mischief's.

Last weekend, 18th Oct 2008, I got the opportunity to engulf myself in the act of those stupidities. I and Rajhans volunteered in one of the events organized for school children near RT Nagar. Those Kids were 1st – 2nd standard kids who were hardly 5-8 years old. They had god gifted sweetness.

We were 9 volunteers who took part in the event, and we all were having tasks, assigned to us already. There were 2 teams of volunteers and 2 teams of kids, having 20 kids each. It finally started. People worked hard to bring those activities on the paper and charts. Lakshmi who surprised us with her motivation and hard work in creating charts, was leading the Treasure Hunt. Then after treasure hunt there was a game in which bacha-party were suppose to burst the balloons of others. I myself burst a few balloons. I was the winner though I didn’t get any prizes (:()... (I burst the balloon of the winners :P).

We started with the first group. Children's enthusiasm to play and understand the treasure hunt was inexpressible. The chart provided to me had 3 pictures each one of train, pig, calf (Kids had to tell me those name in kannada and then they will write it down on the paper from which we will conclude our first clue). I was told those three names in kannada, but I needed a few more words to communicate with those bachas, So one school teacher (Hema) helped me. Finally when they got the clue we ran like P T Usha, roaring like we won the game, our clue was hidden in the tree. We ran, ran hard here and there, in search of the clue, and finally Srinivas found that hanging on the leaf of the tree. We got next clue which was a church. So we need to figure out where the golden key was hidden near the church. We all ran 5-6 times all around the church and finally we could not win, why? Cause Ashish's team had found it. Koi nahi. Next event was bursting balloons. Now those 20 children were divided in two groups of 10 each. We stung the balloon on their ankles. They all were running to burst others’ balloons. None of them was really concerned about theirs’. So it paid to some of them. It was fun watching them and bringing them near to each other so that instead of running competition they can participate in bursting competition.

Oh didn’t I talk about second group, they were busy in pottery. They were designing different kinds of pots. Few pots were not able to stand properly, few did not have base. I made the best out of that, I made one bowl having the spoon popping out of the middle.(I know it is hard to imagine but you will love it once I will post the pictures.).

We followed the same sequence of events after the break. Now the group we took over earlier was busy in pottery and other group was with us. This time my team won in treasure hunt. Please do not ask how? In the second treasure hunt I was running with the key and children were following me. Once I stopped they all surrounded me. It was the trap from the honeybees to kill masoom Vishal. The eagerness of clinching the key in children was superb.

Once both the groups were finished, we danced on some kannnada songs. Dude!! you did not see the astounding performance of the kids there. The move of their bodies was failing the move of Hrithik. Seeing such a splendid performance was a wonderful experience. I never thought of dancing in my childhood. Even now I cannot dance. But those guys were superb.

So after running, laughing, scolding, dancing with the kids I was pumped up with more energy. The interaction with my childhood could not be better than this event. Thanks to Vibha, for providing me such an opportunity.

Sorry for adding the link late.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kavita College

Some time you feel great, some time you feel like crying. But all those emotions can be expressed well when you know the way to tell them.

It was when our college was gonna end in one month and we guys did not have any clues what to do next. People with different interests were doing different things... Drunkard community was busy in drinking daily. Players were sharpening there skills. and gapodi community members were improving there skills to argument. But all have one single pain of loosing the freedom, friends, ash and fearless environment. In such a mood i could write few words about my college...

बैठ जाऊ लब्जों की राह में, लिख्नने दिल की तरंगों को,
वक्त बचेगा नही बाकी, अपने आँसू पकडने को।
सजा के रखुंगा दिल में, इन लम्हों को यादों को
कोइ तो होगा कम्ब्खत, इस दर्द से अपना दिल लगाने को॥

पहले को याद करुं या करूं मैं आज को
फ़र्क पडता नही लगता कल की ही बात हो।
पल वो भी कुछ अजीब थे, लगता था हम बदनसीब थे
पल ये भी कुछ अजीब हैं, लगता है हम मौत के करीब हैं।
तब सोचते थे आ गये किस जहान में हम,
अब सोचते हैं, छुट जायेन्गे जिन्दगी से हम॥
ए दोस्त,
ये आना जाना तो तक्दीर है, खुदा की ढाली एक तस्बीर है
जो ना बदलती, ना बदलने देती हमको॥
वक्त बचेगा.....

मिलता एक अवसर, यदि बीता बदलने को
मिटा आते हम, मीठी सी उन हसीन बातों को।
बातों को
जो दर्द देंगी, तन्हाई में हर पल
रुलाती रहेगी मुझको, बनके दिल कि ये हलचल।
चला जाउंगा दूर मिटाने इस दिल कि तडपन को,
कोइ तो होगा कम्ब्खत.....

Liked it or not depend on you. But I love this.

Kkuch Hindi mein...

Few lines that i wrote in college... These lines were not supposed to come in public, but today when I was going through my dairy, I found these lines. Sharing these lines with you all.... Lets see how good can i write

जनाजे पे हमारे उन्हे ना बुलाना
उसे बुलाकर उसका एक और गम ना बढाना|
आ ना पाएगी, वहाँ पर भी मिलने,
मर ने के बाद हमे युं ना सताना।।
खुशनसीब हैं वो जो तेरा साथ पाते हैं,
हम तो वो दिवाने हैं, जो ख्वाबों में भी तुम्हे दूर पाते हैं॥
लब्ज सिमट गये, तमन्नाये बच गई।
तुम ना आये मिलने, अब तो जिन्दगी निकल गयी।

I know all are frustu mode but mein aisa hi hun....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is this that straight?

The world is under the threat of terror. Now it seems like humanity is hanging just at the edge of cliff, one push and all will be history. But beside all these facets, Indians are facing worst of it. After efforts of decades, we are facing the issues that were faced at the time of separation. Neither the people living across the border took the breath of peace neither we have seen the sun rise in its own color (Sun is always bloody) :(.

I am not keen to give information about the bomb blasts happened in the past, but my real concern is about the trend that is being followed in current blasts. With each blast the terrorist group takes the claim. They give us the cause also. They tell the Indians, what wrong we (Indians) are doing with them. I feel this trend is more scary than the earlier. Why?

As claimed, Indian Mujahiddin is behind all these terror outlets. This terror group sends their verdicts to NEWS channels. (They do not choose government to disclose their letter. may be afraid of government. Perhaps Indian government will act faster). Without even giving the second thought, our media shows these mails as the verdict of god. Our faithful NEWS editors publish each word of the letter without even a slightest modification into it. (If they change the words then they will deceive the readers. is not it?) . Now question comes, what is wrong in all this? Media is perfect in handling their job. They are covering the blast well. They are showing the letters without breaching our RIGHT TO KNOW.

Yesterday when i read the mail published in the paper, My sympathy disappeared for the community. The faith and friendship obsoleted for my friends. But as soon as i got my conscience back i regretted over my stupidest thought.

Master mind is not just triggering the panic but it is blocking the mind too. It is crystal clear, who ever is behind the scene, is not targeting the death toll they are targeting peace of mind. Target is our social harmony. The aim is not to serve their Community, beside that they are planting the bombs in the heart of people to blast humanity. Yes, the target is to invoke next riots. Which may be similar to Mumbay, or may be Gujrat or may become more brutal. This time if something burns then it will not be only bombay, it will not be only delhi, This time Our whole nation will take part in genocide. The whole india will burn in the fire of communal ism, and in provoking this fire our media will also be the accomplice.

Here I am not saying to stop searching the culprits. I am not saying media should stop showing the reports. But something can be controlled to stop helping the terrorist. They are using us for there own purposes. They are not only spreading panic, but with panic they are spreading hate, In which, each body of our media is helping them. I do not know what our government can do for that? But i know one thing that our journalist are not such stupid fellows who can work as puppets to militants. So STOP IT!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Journey to Hospital

A Journey can lead to any place.. Just get out of home and start walking. That walk will again be a Journey. But to make a journey to the hospital, it takes great courage. After facing 2 days of suffering, I chose to walk to the hospital (Does it not seem scary to you to walk to hospital and give your blood to test?). There were hundreds of thoughts that were circulating in my mind, which were increasing the fear-factor. Among them one thought was, what if the doctor says," we found unrecognized disease in your body and what if he adds, your body can be utilised for the experiments.

Anyway i reached the hospital. I got an appointment from the doctor who was supposed to reach the place at 12.30. But as each and every person in India follows the same VERY STANDARD IST. Our mr doc was no more exception. So to compensate DOC's mistake i was told to sit and wait for him. Here I started scanning the patients who were sitting quietly. My scan was over the moment i met with the eye of one girl. There was some relief. Vishal, i do not need to look at the uncles to kill my time. Now if one chik is sitting next to you then you have to show how intellectual you are. So i did the same, i started reading the NEWS-Paper. But it was unbearable to keep digging into the paper when someone hot is sitting next to you(Here I pretended she was hot, I dint examine her till now). So i had a solution, there was one TV set in the waiting room, whenever i wanted to see the chik, i looked at TV set first, then chik and finally paper. Each time i saw her, I reviewed her with patience(To the limits it was possible). This girl was sexy and cute both (Am i hyping more. So what, i have all rights provided to exaggerate the things).

Finally MR. Doc came at 1 o'clock. That guy was looking concerned about the people waiting for him for last 1 hour. And he gave his short lived smile to my new crush (Hun hun Doc bhi biryani ke piche laga hai). Time had come for examination. Nurse came and took my temperature and weight. I was really concerned before stepping on the weighing machine. What if i am under weight and this doc tells me lots of other diseases that are unknown to me. Again i was in the long waiting queue to meet the doctor. Here it was not really frustrating as my latest crush was still sitting.

Anyways, after almost one hour wait It was my turn to add few new name to my English dictionary. He asked one question What happened? i vomited each and every thing that was troubling me for last 2 days. Now he started building a layer of psychological fear. Once he was successful in blocking my mind (Which was already half blocked), he told me to get some tests done and in addition to that he asked me for injection. In that situation i was ready for everything told by my god.

Now it was time for test. The nurse took blood out of my body (Though i have very less to survive). This was not all. Here comes the nurse having needle in her hand. First she took me to a room and here we 2 were alone and she asked me to open my pant [:)]. I was not ready for that but she told me it can only be injected on your bums. He was not ready to change her stance and i was stiff on mine. But finally she had to win with her arguments which were all in kannada (For me it was KALA AKSHAR BHAIS BARABAR - I am Kannadda illiterate). Finally i gave up and my back is still paining (It is more than 12 hours after injection). Meanwhile I saw my 1 hour crush rushing toward the exit gate. I was disappointed and once again my heart was broken.

With my broken heart, coated mind, injected bums and reduced blood i returned back to the home. Oh sorry dint i tell you the money i paid. Let us leave it for now. Now I am waiting for my reports. Guys please pray for me... I know you will pray :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dabar or Dhaba

College, a collage of friends, incidents, teachers, daru. Do not think I am missing something, as all college pass outs know study was not the part of our curriculum. From this collage we separate out some pictures which keeps knocking the heart. Yesterday I remembered one of those incidents. May be it was a scary incident, but I am sure it will make you burst in laughter.

Early winters(October), second year of my studies. I was highly addictive to tea. So me and my roomie Amit(Bone Collector) planned to have a tea at khokha(Our college's unique place to TIME-PASS). We asked few more people to come along with us. But no one agreed to come with us. So I and Amit were alone. Generally the roads to khokha have lots of human being with cattle, but today there were none other than us. The cattle were also not there. I did not think much, we kept on walking towards that khokha.
As soon as we crossed the college boundaries, 2 motor cycles stopped along with a car.(:)) Hey they were not kidnapping us, They wanted to ask something. So one of them came towards us and He asked: "OYE: DABAR kahan milega?" (DABAR was a final year student. He was the supremo of the college gunda raaj.)
I looked at Amit asking "who is he?".

But that person was in real hurry. He asked Amit again. Amit understood everything. He though these guys were hungry. He said innocently; "Dhaba to nahi hai kahin aas pass, Han khokhe hai yahan par. Maggie and Paranthe ache mil jaye hai. Bhukh lagi hai to kha lo(There is no dhaba, if you are hungry you can eat at khokha, you will get good maggie and parantha)".

I thought wow Amit, finally you solved the puzzle. But before I could have added my expert comments, I heard a thundering sound just under my ear (Chidiya ud gayi thi ab). it took me at least 30 seconds to see my self grabbed by a wrestler, who was willing to fry my second cheek too. My conditions were still ok, but Amit was weeping and saying I do not know any Dabar, leave us we came for tea, and we do not want it any more. We will go back and will send dabar back.

Suddenly those guys offer a lift till there village (:P), not really asked they ordered. I was ok with those orders and started walking towards the car. I was still in shock of that slap. Amit was saying we will not go. I was not in mood to struggle. Suddenly a hope of ray came. Amit heard a sound of 100 people running toward us. So guys it was RECK POWER coming to save us from HARYANA-DEVILS.

Those idiots left us, and started running. In the meanwhile I got my conscious back, and started noticing the bike's number. I did not remember that number. People started coming and asking what happened. Amit was in shock and I was laughing. He started weeping and telling the whole story "Unnnnnnn Unnnnnnnnnn, sala mene kya kiya... unnnnnn unnnnn mujhe kyon mara. Ab mujhe kya maloom kaun hai dabar." People were smiling and consolidating him.

The very next day, In class girls were chatting, you know yesterday 2 guys were slapped by some uni guys, and they started giggling. Suddenly one idiot came and asked hey Vishal you were one of those na. Hee hee hee.

Here I was merely escaped from a kidnap, but also it brought lots of embarrassment. Anyways whenever I think of that incident I can not refrain myself from smiling and murmuring "Dhaba to nahi hai, han par khokha jaroor hai"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paradise On Earth

Everyone talks about paradise, everyone dreams of it, so do I. But i never wanted to see it after my death (Indian epics say the heaven is on earth. At some place they refer that heaven is visible after death). I always heard: Kerala is a LAND of GOD. My dreams, to touch the heaven, were roped 2 years back. Since my first day in Bangalore, I begged to my mallu roomie for a small home trip. But he never invited us to visit his home state. After 2 years I got this chance. Not with roomies, not with colleagues. But I got this chance with my HP friends. Yogita called up to join them for Munnar. Here my journey started to Munnar, the tea estate, and a glimpse of Kerala. So guys let me not bother you with my high concentrated philosophy, here it comes the heaven from my eyes.
We started late Friday night and returned monday morning. That’s it. Just 60 hours and out of those 60 hours we were punished to stay in the cab for 30 hours (Our driver was more interested in talking with gals ;) instead of doing his real job. So his will frustrated us). Yah guys it was not a journey that everyone will look forward to. But I feel this investment was more worth than investing in the share market even though it is at its peak.
Saturday morning we entered the valley. The roads were like the marks of snake's crawling on desert's sand. But these roads were so charming that I refrain myself from blinking the eye. From a 4- wheeler vehicle you would have 3 views to look outside (Front, Left, Right I do not think any smart guy will try to work hard to look from rear view, So i considered you smart by default :) ). I was not able to decide which will be the best view to cover maximum area of such a beautiful divine place. On one side of the road was grand ditch (Could not find a better word) that was fully covered with green. On the Other side, the mountain was standing, comprising of tea plants which were adding spice to its beauty. This was not the end, sooner the sun came up in the sky to scatter its light on green land that made the view more astonishing. We were covering up the distance to reach Munnar, but the closer we were, the more beautiful the trip was.
the whole place belonge to TATAS, and on each meter of the land is covered with tea plants Here in Munnar we visited Muttakutti Dam, Echo point, backwaters, top station and some falls. Each and every place was so glamorous, that it seems, god came down to earth to design the architecture of the place. We guys had 7 cameras with us and at least one among us was continuously capturing Munnar. But Munnar never gave us chance to close camera shutters.
Anyways every trip comes to a halt. Ours' also came to an end when we marched back to home. While returning everyone was happy and praising our trip manager (Guru) to suggest such a beautiful place. I am really thankful to Yogita and guru for inviting me and arranging such a nice trip.
I do not know if I will be able to visit the place again but I would suggest you to visit the place once in life. If somehow you get the opportunity to visit Munnar, do not even think twice. I still can see the mountains, huge trees on the bank of a lake, I still can see clouds surrounding me, I can still hear my scream at the echo point, I can still hear water which I felt while boating. There is lot to pen down but restrictions are imposed to limit the words.
To feel Munnar check the link
Guys I have decided to buy a plot near Munnar soon. :P. If someone interest to buy plz contact me. In case of bulk buys we can get some discount too. :P

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My limits are 18

This was June 21st 2007, when i joined my new company. I joined the company cause i did not have any work in my previous organization. Prabhat (My previous manager) had swore to make me a call center agent, and i swore to gain my self respect. Here on Monday, i stepped in the recreation room of STERLING Commerce. I was shell shocked. Shocked, Not because it was empty, but because it was the second most crowded place (after cafeteria) of the company. There were 5 games, 20 people were playing and 30 people were in queue.

I also joined the queue. I never knew i am standing next to pros of the table. ASA i got the chance, I picked up the racket that i never touched in my life before. Sooner i came to know it is really hard to cop up on this table with these people. The people were eying on me like i have committed heinous crime. Anyhow i finished my game and was replaced with other people waiting in the queue. I dint wanted to be eyed in this way, so i left the room thinking: one day i will play with the elite group.

Days passed, weeks passed, months also, and it is almost a year. In the whole year i asked each and every person to play with me. Some turned down my offer, some started but after playing few games either they were tired of me or they got some work. (Few were there who neither say no nor played a game) For me both the things were not reality. I was neither bored of any person nor i got work. In the whole year i played 100s of matches and i win 10's of them. I never lost the spirit of playing the game. I kept playing, kept switching games. but nothing seems working.

Now a days my game has improved. But this improvement neither clinches the games for me nor it places me into the community of moderate player. They still look at me as they did on first day. Till now winning is like a selection in IIT. The door is always open but the door is so small that i can not fit into it. I am trying to broaden the door but it is taking a long time. I wish i do not loose my spirit before i could make it large to enter easily.

For some people SKY is the limit, for me 18 is the limit in TT. Or saying in other way, SKY is my limit which has come down to 18.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thousand Splendid suns

Khaled hosseini, started writing some chunk of thought about afgan history, Afgan Woman, Afgan WAR. Then finally she end up finishing a book called, THE THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS. Every book can be categorized in Drama, Emotions, Adventure, fiction, history; But after reading the first half of the book it is really hard to find out What is the point that the writer trying to convey?

Books starts up on a slow path, and the pace degrades with the each ending chapter. So after turning few pages you will find the sentences that are struggling to breathe. There are four parts in the book. Each part is tried to connected with the other in the fully isolated manner. So hosseini tried hard to isolate each part with other but could not keep the theme going.

First part features the condition of a Agfani gal, who is trying to establish in a world. The world which is new to her even at the age of 15. She is burden to society, to father. But this brave girl tried hard to keep herself living in the man dominated world. Along with that writer tried to show the real face of the agfan thinking.

In second part she tried to cover Afgan thinking, Afgan jihad, Afgan history, Afgan era. So as a whole second part became a mixer of chemical solvent which can never come up with a result. Writer has shown her brilliance in showing dead over life. She has featured death in such a way that you can see it but she could not featured life through out the book.

Third part really makes book somewhat interesting. It pacify the life of the two main characters of the book. Again writer is able to fetch her best in describing the death. This is the most interesting part of that book.

Fourth part is trying to finishing the book, finishing it was a pain for me. But finally i ended the book. Guys beware if you are planning to take this book to enjoy. Han to know history, to know afgan struggle you can read the book. In case you started and could not finish reading it, do not miss 3rd part. you might end up covering up some amount of your money.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Shreya, The girl who is one among my best friends. Our story of friendship is very long which is neither simple nor hard. She knows i had feeling for her in the past and also I know she had some feeling for me in her past. But now we are two separate souls who can not meet for next 7 janms( Mind it i never said this). Still i can flirt with her with perfection. While talking to her, she has a regular question "Vishal, When you can flirt with such a perfection then why can not you find a better partner in bangalore? Mera piche kyon pada hua hai". and my answer always remains same.. after hearing your voice my minds work 1000 time faster than normal and that is why flirting with you, is as easy as walking on the lonely road.

The kick to our friendship was given first in 11th. hey Was there any friendship that time! Oh!!! That would be better to say we two shared a common roof, a common ceiling under the instruction of some great teachers. That was all about interesting thing of our friendship. These were not the only things that we shared, some time we shared our pencils too ;) ;)(This is secret). In the class we never talked to each other. According to her she could remember two instances when we both talked. Once she had a doubt in a physics (Was i physics bond that time :) ). In Second instance we walked together for the first time in life for discussing questions that were expected in the exam. Look at the destiny here also i dint get the chance to walk alone with her. Anil and neetu, my other class toppers, was also giving their expert comments on the question. In school she was in trauma. She was scared of me. Hey I was not scary that time too but her nature could not let her come out of vishalofobia. Sometime she boasts saying "I was very innocent in school time", she did not know What the relationship(Love) is. So chapter of our two year friendship finished without even introduction. Please do not say talking, i would love to say without even seeing each other. For us it was a crime to have a eye contact.

It was really impossible to move your eyes away from her once you start staring her. She caught me hell load of time when i was getting my eye tonic ( Staring at gals is eye tonic for guys and the quantity increases if you are staring your favourite gal). She is chutki si. She used to wear those light colour suits which used to make her look more sweet. Above to all these she had a distinction from others. She had a mole on her forehead, which was just above the nose mid of her eye brows. That was the thing which used to make me crazy. I really loved that mole.

It was not the end of our friendship. We met again in Kota. This time our ego worked much stronger then our feelings. I used to think when she can talk to every second person in this world why can not she talk to me? I used to feel bad for such stupid things but never tried to go and ask her hey shreya how are you? She will talk to Anil, she will talk to Umesh, kakkar but why not me? Am i that bad, am i that ugly ki she can not give a glance at me. I did not know. And for her, she used to think what a person, cant he even start talking to me. When this idiot can talk to my mom, why not me? So we wasted 2 years in ego. We always had a feeling ki pahle tum, pahle tum.

Once kota was gone, I never though that she will come back to my life. But yah i used to talk about her with my friends, With our common friend. But for me everyone was as far as she was. In second year i met Sweta, she was nice that time. We were not good friends, but she was best friend of shreya. In third year sweta and me started building up a good friendship. While talking to her my most interesting topic was to talk about her, so one day she gave me her number. I called her up. It was our first informal conversation in past 7 years. I was damn nervous. I thought twice to ring her. I tried three times and disconnected it saying she will not talk to me. Finally i put shreya phobia to one corner of my heart and rang her up and she was damn cool. I talked to her more than 30 minutes in the first call. It was brilliant.

Here our real relationship started building. By the time shreya was not single. "Hamara chand kisi or ka ho gaya tha.. Vese when we started talking i was playing with the word of love. Akansha was there in my life". In our relationship we never saw back. Vese now we are only mobile friends. But really i feel very comfortable while talking to her. She is just a chatter box. She will keep gossiping. will keep on going. And if i'll tell her my phone bill than she will be ready some weird answers. But most weird and nice answer i got in last conversation. When i told her, out of my 1000 minute calls, 600 minutes i spent on you. she said instantly, wont you have to pay some plenty to flirt with me. Yah mam i will.

Our doctor is in ahamdabad, who is no more innocent. She tells her room partners what is the world? "Kuch baar to mujhe bhi batati hai". I do not know till what time our friendship last. But i really enjoy those moments which i spare with her on phone. So keep gossping shreya cause tera baat karne se mujhe pyar hai..

Hey listen abhi bhi teri line khali hai.. soch lena

Keep Smiling....

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